It has often been said I have my own language. I would have to agree - that statement is pretty much true. I'm a wee bit obsessed with acronyms and my own made up sayings. I'm sure some of you will agree with this statement too - as you email or comment asking me what the heck I am talking about in my posts! My friends and family, and those who have been with BUB from the beginning, understand my crazy speak. But for the rest of you who need an Erin dictionary - this is my best attempt. In no particular order, as it's always being updated. The Slangtionary is ever evolving!

MJ = my first born. Megan Juhl. My whole world rotated on a new axis the day that kid came into the world.  I both found and lost myself when she was set into my arms. 

MissyP = my second child. Also known as MiniMe or MollyB. I don't even know how or where or why I started calling her MissyP...but I did and it stuck and now, that's her. And she's quite the MISS. With a Capital P. So it's beyond (see below.) And yes, I agree. She's me. With even more fire. 

Munchie or Munch = Wyatt. My third born. What I've called him since he was a bitty. Because he's the poster kid for Parental Cannibalism and I have to daily remind myself not to snack on his yumminess. 

Black Acid = Diet Coke. I am addicted. Very.

Svish = Swedish Fish. Are they really from Sweden? And do they taste like cherries? Or strawberries? Or Fruit Punch? I can't answer those questions for you. And I don't care. They are my Pringles = once I pop, I can't stop.

TSG = Time Suck Gangstas. A group of faithful friends (the Gang) with whom I share a dose of nonsense usually having to do with Hollywood gossip, fan casting of current reads, anything K related, and ASOD's (see below.) TSG started out with a few BFF's that I texted, and who labeled me 'The Godfather.' But TSG has since grown into a reoccurring post on Intsagram and sometimes here on the blog. Because I have found...everyone needs a little nonsense Time Suck in their lives.

HappySad = events that are happy, but make me cry. My sister celebrating her birthday...too far away from me. My lifelong BFF having a baby...too far away from me. Any of my children losing a tooth. Whenever a parent of one of the kids Mateo teaches/coaches comes up to me and says "I can't say enough good about your husband. He has changed my kid's life." Gist? (see below) 

Mateo = what I call Matt in the social media world. I never call him this IRL. I can't even tell you how it started. But I sorta love it now. It is full of endearment. It's also funny b/c he is fluent in Spanish, and I failed Spanish 1 three times. This is verdad.

IRL = In Real Life

IKR? = I know, right?

Live here = when something or someone is right where they are supposed to be. In a place they should never leave.

K = Kristen Stewart. My girl crush. I Flove this girl. Her body (hello, legs!) her hair, her eyes, her SKIN, her style...yes, even her attitude. She is beyond in my eyes and you can't change my mind. My friend, Shawna, calls me "No Bounds" - as in my love for K has none. This is Truth. Verdad. Capital T. Capital V. To say I am obsessed is an understatment. I literally can't love this girl anymore...but then she does something else...and I do. 

FTW = For The Win (many of you know this, but people constantly ask me what it means) And no, it's not an accident you find this definition immediately under Kristen. Errrrything K does is FTW. 

ASOD = Angst Song of the Day. Example = Distance by Christina Perri, Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy, or Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran. I love angst. In everything but real life, of course. But in books, music, movies and TV?? Yes. Please. For whatever reason, melancholy and broken songs give me power to pound the pavement or clean the toilets. And are often played on repeat, blaring, until the job is done. There are also HASOD's  = Happy Angst Songs of the Day. Angsty songs with an upbeat tempo and message. Example = Brokenhearted by Karmin, Love is an Animal by Wes Carr, or Everybody Talks by Neon Trees. 

Gimme = Give me. NOW. I want it.

Flove = f***king + love
Ish = s**t
I have a potty mouth IRL. I try not to. I'd like to think I'm smarter than that. So I have many a made up word that I use to get around the potty talk. Like Flove. and Ish. 

143 = I Love You. It's a numbers = letters sorta thing. 

Knocked Over = Killed it. Won the prize. Beat the game. If you have never seen Despicable Me, go rent it now. I mean like, do not pass go, do not collect $200, NOW. Gru makes my life.

cepts... = Except 

Probs = probably

Beyond = over the top, nothing can compare, there is no longer a reason to debate or discuss, the final best thing ever in the whole existence in the history of existence. 

Tessa = YESSSSS. This stemmed from typing yesssss into a text and having it auto corrected to Tessa one too many times. Now I just text Tessa on purpose. And those who I regularly text, get it. It's so a part of my lingo, that now I say it too. As in, when I come to your house and you tell me "I'm serving Gin & Tonics and Salt & Vinegar potato chips for dinner." Well then, I reply, "Tessa."

JBox Good - when a book is sooooo good you're willing to feed your family ISH for dinner (Jack in the Box) rather than make something healthy so that you can get back to reading. Hopeless is JBox good. So is Sea of Tranquility. READ THEM. 

The Leprechaun = Josh Hutcherson. Otherwise known as "Casting Fail of the Century." Sometimes also referred to as Lucky Charms or Lollipop Guild President. The kid is rinky dink. Like needs a cheer box and some serious Tom Cruise movie magic, SHORT. I have isssssssues with his casting as Peeta Mellark that I have yet to resolve. I'm ready to start a petition to get him de-cast. Like....stand in front of Target and garner signatures isssssssues. He is not Peeta. He is Velveeta. And the fact that Liam Hemsworth is Gale. Well that's just beyond. You will never convince me that Katniss picks Lucky Charms over Sex for Dinner. 

Sex for Dinner (S4D) = any really hot guy. Short for "His momma must of fed him Sex for Dinner." Case in point = Matt Bomer, RG (see below) Taylor Kitsch, the Hemsworth brothers (also known as The Humpsman and The Water Boy), and Mr. Burns. I sometimes also refer to these men as Crackers as in "I wouldn't throw him outta bed for eating crackers" or Kit Kat Bar (KKB) = as in "Break me off a piece of that." Apparently I have a lot of nicknames for hot boys. And they all have to do with food. That's me to a T.

Rude = when a person or thing is just too much perfection to be in one package. The Salted Caramel Butterscotch Pudding with Lavender shortbread cookies at Mozza = very RUDE. These two, on this day, in this moment = RUDE. Zac Efron turning into a man overnight = shockingly RUDE. Emma Stone and the way she rocks ANY hair color = RUDE. Gist?

Gist? =  When I'm asking if you get the basic, but essential, part of what I am trying to say. Short for "Is the crazy that's in my head translating to the page?"

LETO = what I say instead of Rude now. (See above.) Cause if you understand the definition of RUDE...and then you look at THIS...Holy Bible, fuck me. That's just LETO. I want his hair. And his eyes. People - HE'S FORTY TWO!! You too can look like this if you have millions of dollars and think you're sweeter than shit and practice Veganism. And Yoga. And Witchcraft. DOOOOO IT. I'm soooo gonna do it. Just for the hair. 

ASDFJALKSDJFLKASHJDLFKHJASLDKFHJKL = "Oh my freaking freak, I can't even stand it, smack me in the face, this is the end of my life, just stop it before I die, I can't handle it anymore, this is the craziest, best thing ever to occur, it hurts my eyes it's soooo perfect, but I cannot stop looking." -Basically - this is like Beyond's crazier, ADHD brother on crack...cause sometimes there is such a thing. For example, K in Cannes in the red dress. Or Mateo's 10 year anniversary present to me. Or any Bad Lip Reading video on YouTube. 

RG = Ryan Gosling. The man who took Dirty Dancing to a whole new level. And introduced "Hey Girl" into my everyday vocabulary. RG is Rude and Crackers and totally S4D + KKB.

The Water Boy (H20 for short) = Liam Hemsworth. Because of how he says water. And because he's a tall drink of it.

Baby Girl = Miley Cyrus. I Flove this girl too. But not like K. More like a little sister. I'm protective of my Baby Girl and have a soft spot for all her craziness. I have tried to put into words the amount of FLOVE in my heart for this girl before...and it never seems to suffice. Just know, I own every single one of her songs. And movies. And if she is performing anywhere within a days driving distance from me I have been there. Truth. SEVEN times. LIVE. I wish I had 10% of her self confiedence. I want to pick her up and kiss her face and carry her around in my back pocket. Oh and YES...I Flove her haircut.

Dauntless = A way of living/acting. Full throttle, facing your fears, taking the jump, battling life's demons - whatever they may be - on a daily basis. It comes from the book Divergent by Veronica Roth. One of my favorite books of all time. I want to always be Dauntless.

Now you know. 
And knowing is half the battle.


{cuppakim} said...

i'm dying here.
tessa is dying here!


RG is S4D. He is my drug of choice. YUM.

I'm having an ASOD kinda day. Send me more good stuff.

and I will ALWAYS choose S4D over Lucky Charms. Especially if S4D has a last name of Hemsworth.

I need to go crack open some Black Acid, immediately.

Tessa said...

This cracked me up cause my name is Tessa. Never thought my name would pop up in auto correction! As a child, I desperately wanted something personalized with my name on it, but my name was so unusual and it never happened ... and now my name is common enough to show up in auto correction for yessss ... interesting! :)

Unknown said...

Um I flove. So into the lingo and going to try and come up with some new words. This was so fun to read TWSFTR ? This was Twister? Eeeeeh I think I need some chardy to get the creative juices flowin.

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