Friday, September 15, 2006

Forlorn Little Sis

Megan finished out her first week of school and loved every minute of it. Last night at the dinner table she taught us how to sing "We're going on a Bear Hunt" and today she brought home a picture that the teacher had written on "For my Mommy"... make me melt! Molly however, is not so sure about it all. When we are home in the mornings without Megan, she walks around the house calling "MeMe?" and then shakes her head and says "No" as if to confirm to herself that Megan is in fact not here. For the first time I realized that in her whole little life, Molly has never been without her big sister. Lucky for her, Molly and I start a Mommy & Me class next Monday and she'll get to go to school too, right across the quad from Megan's classroom!

Molly's new words: Hoo (Grammie's dog Hooley), GaGa (Grammie Susan), Vivi, clothes, sock, cheese, kiss, hug, keys, door, close, ope (open), treat, swing, peas (please), night night, bite, GG (what we call our Great Grandma) baby, and MINE!!

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