Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Matt's 31st!

As long as I have been with him, Matt has never had a birthday party. We'll usually go out to dinner with another couple, or to see a movie...but being in November - his birthday always gets put on the back burner to school, football season, and the impending holidays. This year however, since NH's season was sadly short, I decided at the last minute (as in Wednesday afternoon) to throw Matt a little celebration for his 31st Birthday.

On Saturday we celebrated by having several friends over and I hired a guy to grill tacos outside (Matt's favorite!) Matt set up his LCD projector and we put the USC game up on the fence in our driveway. It was loud and crazy - not because of the partying, but because almost all our friends have little ones now! I think there were 15 kids here, 4 of them newborns.

Matt's mom brought some pictures of him as a baby (see left) that she had blown up really big and we hung them around the yard. I got him a cake made out of cupcakes that looked like a Broncos football helmet. We sang "Happy Birthday" and the kids got to do some sparklers left over from the 4th of July. In the end, fun was had by all and I think it was a great success.

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