Sunday, December 10, 2006

Like Mother Like Daughter

I was doing the breakfast dishes the other day when Megan yelled from the living room, "Mom! I have to show you something!" So I hollered back for her to bring whatever it was to me. I then hear her say "Come on Molly - come see Mommy" and turn around to see her leading Molly by the hand into the kitchen. Molly had gotten into my purse, found my lipstick, and done the following damage.

Angry, I quickly ran into the living room expecting to discover burgundy all over the carpet and sofa. After I realized the only place Molly had put the lipstick was all over HER, I laughed and grabbed my camera. We then both stripped and got into the shower - this was something that was not coming off with a few simple baby wipes! Funniest of all, my mom has pictures of me about the same age doing the exact same thing! I'll have to find them and scan them in.


Guitargrrrl said...

AAw! We don't have babies in the family anymore! Thank you for giving every one those pictures!

love kitty <3 <3

Katherine said...

We're enjoying photos of your girls from Wisconsin.
Katherine just showed us your Christmas CD. What a great idea! Hope to meet you and your family soon.

Nancy Suberlak

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