Thursday, February 15, 2007

Molly Katherine is Two!

At two years old, Molly is already such a litte person, it is fun to behold. Today we were playing outside and she started running down the driveway. As she passed Matt, she hollered over her shoulder "Dada, race!" and sped right past him. She has learned this week how to hold up her two fingers and happily shows anyone who is around, loudly proclaiming "TWO!" She's also learned the art of negotiation. Matt and I went to dinner and a movie for Valentine's last night, and as we said goodbye to the girls, Molly kept repeating "more, one more" and then would hug or kiss us again. She's also hit a few milestones for her birthday. She is finally getting the last of her front teeth! You can see in the picture, her right top tooth poked thru this week. Her toothy grin and squinty eyes do me in, every time. She's also learned how to ride a tricycle. She's been pushing it around with her feet for months, and then today she just put her feet to the pedals and off she went! It was like she was waiting to show off on her birthday. And while you can't tell from the picture - she's actually getting a lot more hair. Enough that she wants to brush it and put a clip in it every morning when I am doing Megan's hair. She's a pistol and a prankster, a princess and a punk all in one. She's so full of life and spunk - I sometimes just stare at her and take it all in. Then we give each other bear hugs - she squeezes tight and growls - and I think to myself, "Thank You God for giving me Molly!"

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Joanna said...

Happy Birthday Molly! We love you!!

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