Sunday, May 20, 2007

Whirlwind Trip

Few days off from blogging as I went on a quick trip to New Jersey for my sorority sister's baby shower. Jenna is my best friend from Pepperdine and we have remained close thru the years even tho we are on opposite sides of the country. It was fun to see each other with bellies and compare our pregnancy journeys thus far. This is her first baby, a girl. Cameron Juliet is due August 5th (that was Megan's due date!) and she is already a very loved little baby. I can't wait to meet her.

It was fun to see Jenna and have some time to myself. I flew standby - a first - (my girlfriend Shannon is a pilot for American and was generous to give me one of her passes) and although it was a little nerve racking not knowing if I was going to make it on the flights or not, everything worked out beautifully. I was listed for a flight to Dallas, Ft. Worth that left Thursday night out of John Wayne. But by noon, that flight was oversold and it wasn't very likely I was getting on. I got on the computer and discovered a flight to Chicago was wide open...but left in 1 hour! Knowing my sister lives in Chicago, I figured better to get stuck there (should the connecting flight to Philly be oversold the next morning) than Dallas where I knew no one. So I called my 80 year old Grandma - the girls call her "GG" - and she came in 10 minutes to stay with the girls until Matt got home from work that evening. God Bless her! I drove myself to the airport, left a message for my sister that I was coming for dinner, and jumped on the plane hoping for the best.

Katherine met me at the airport with exciting news. She had just signed the contract for a job she will begin after she graduates in June with her Masters in Social Administration from the University of Chicago. It's a job she's excited about and it pays more than she was expecting! On top of that - the apartment building she and Paul had applied to move to in June just called her that evening with the news they had been accepted. It's a glorious high rise on Lake Shore Drive with a view of Lake Michigan from their living room window. The building has valet, indoor parking (very nice in Chicago winter) she just calls down 10 minutes before she wants to leave and they bring the car around, a fitness club, ATM, mini grocery store, and a rooftop sundeck! With all this good news - and the happenstance chance that I was in town for the night - we decided to celebrate and went to Gibson's, a steakhouse downtown, for dinner. We shared a glass of wine, blue cheese salads, a peppercorn filet Mignon, garlic mashed potatoes and strawberry shortcake the size of Manhattan for dessert! I crashed at her apartment for 4 hours and then rushed back to O'Hare at 4AM to catch what I hoped was my best chance at making it to Philly.

Made it to Philly no problem - even got to finish my book, The Glass Castle, on the plane! Jenna and I had lunch and went shopping. On the way home, she introduced me to "Water Ice" at a place called Rita's. Apparently it's very common on the East Coast, but I had never heard of it. It's fruit flavored ice that they serve in a cup on top of a creamy vanilla custard. Jenna had lemon and I had raspberry. It was SO good! Very refreshing and not too sweet. Afterwards we went home to take a nap...There's only so much walking two pregnant ladies can do. After our leisurely afternoon, we went out to dinner with her husband Chris and enjoyed talking, reminiscing, and catching up. I had lots of questions about what she was looking forward to...and she had lots of questions as to what "really" lies ahead.

Saturday morning I slept in!! and then we went to the baby shower. It was a beautiful event. The hostess really went to a lot of work and made it very special with lots of little details. Everyone was in good company and it was fun to watch Jenna open all the cute girly clothes, toys, blankets and such. I think she was surprised at everyone's generosity as well as how much an infant needs! One lady gave her a dispenser that holds a role of baggies with a little yellow duck on top. Jenna looked at it in bewilderment until I told her "It's like doggie doo-doo bags...but for diapers. You keep it in the diaper bag." Having three dogs, she understood what the bags were for right away and laughed.

Jenna's mom and dad had us over for a BBQ dinner that evening along with some of their friends. We ate, relaxed and retired early - as I had to be back at the airport 4AM Sunday morning! On the way home, I was literally the LAST PERSON to get on the plane both legs of my flight home. So I think going on the trip was meant to be.

I never like leaving the girls - but I knew they were with their Dad, so that made it easier. I really don't think they missed me much as Matt let Megan play hookie from school on Friday and the 3 of them went to Chuck E Cheese for dinner!! So, it was fast - but so much fun...and I lucked out getting to see two of my favorite people in one trip. Katherine and Jenna - I love you both and had a fabulous time! Shannon - thank you for making it all possible. You are a great friend.

So, now it's late Sunday - and with the time change - I've been up for almost 21 I am going to bed. I'll get pics of the weekend up as soon as I can.


~love said...

you should do the pedicure pics with your girls too! can you imagine how priceless they will be when they're all grown up?! :)
yumm--i LOVE gibson's. we live about an hour outside of chicago.
sounds like you had a great trip! i'm slightly jealous of your jet-setting!!! :)

Joanna said...

Dude, You are A-M-B-I-T-I-O-U-S! I can't believe you made that trip pregnant.

Love the descriptions of the yummy things you ate. My kind of girl, Erin.

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