Thursday, June 21, 2007


So our computer took a dive this week - I've been without the Internet for 3 whole days and I feel like I've lost a limb! I was online and all of a sudden the screen went bright blue and the words ....BEGINNING MEMORY DUMP.... flashed across the screen. Yikes! I quick shut it all down and tried to restart, but all it would say is "Inaccessible Boot Device. Start Error Screen." Sucks.....And even worse, I think many of the pics I was looking forward to posting have been lost forever. So I am at my mom's real quick doing some emailing and this quick post. Hope to be back up and running soon!


Andy said...

It sounds like you have come across what IT guys call the "blue screen of death" which seems to plauge PC's only.

Maybe it's time to switch to an Mac? Sorry to hear about the crash. Love you lots and hope to see you soon.


~love said...

oh sad! i'm so scared for all my pictures and maybe your crash will teach me to put them on CD! look forward to hearing about your precious family again soon!

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