Monday, October 01, 2007

Life with a Newborn

This being the third time around, I realize there are things about life with a newborn that you remember - and those that you forget.

I remember:

  • The exhaustion
  • The pain that accompanies a c-section
  • The awe, joy, and complete fulfillment I feel when looking at him
  • Wanting the whole experience to speed up - and slow down - at the same time
  • Always second guessing what I think he needs, or will do next
  • The work it takes to get him on a routine - his days and nights are a little mixed up!

I forgot:

  • How truly tiny they are at first - even when they come out weighing 9 lbs!
  • How much time is spent nursing!
  • How many times a day you change their diaper
  • The adrenaline rush I get when his cry wakes me out of sleep
  • How ANNOYING the sound of a breast pump is!
  • How much I love seeing my husband take care of a baby

What I never experienced before:

  • Taking care of a circumcised penis :)
  • Getting peed on when I change his diaper
  • Feeling guilty for not having more time and energy for the girls


Jennifer said...

What an adorable little baby boy! Erin, You are truly blessed! Take care and hang in there!

LauraC said...

He is so darn cute!

Funny because I had a lot of similar thoughts when I helped my sister with her newborn recently... had many of the same thoughts. Although I will NEVER forget how many diapers we changed. We used a full-size garbage can and filled it every other day.

PS. Lift the diaper to expose to cold air then put the diaper back... never been peed on in 16 months of twin boys!

PPS. Could he be more relaxed?!

britty said...

amen on the speeding up and slowing down, well put! that is the weirdest emotion of motherhood.

Joanna said...

That resonated with me, too. You feel guilty for wanting it to speed up, but sometimes you're just soooo tired!
I forgot how long breastfeeding takes too. I felt like I never got off the couch.

Great post. Very poignant.

Joanna said...

And, ohhhh, that adrenaline rush. Don't miss it.

Libby said...

What an interesting post to someone about to do it all again too! Wyatt is so handsome! I love the cheeks!! Glad to hear that you and girls and Matt are all adjusting well. LOL about the peeing thing. I never really got peed on either, but I did mean to hang this wall hanging above our changing table and didn't get to it before Alex was born, so of course, it NEVER got done. I realized later that totally would have been a rookie mom mistake, as Alex peed on that spot on the wall NUMEROUS times!!

Joy Springer said...

Congratulations Burns Family! Your little man couldnt be cuter! Three takes some getting used to, but it is the best chaos I have ever experienced! :) xoxoxoxo

Tonya said...

congrats! oh, he is the cutest little chubby boy i've ever seen! He has the same stats as my oldest...I love it when they come out with a little more weight on them...they don't seem as fraile!
I hope you are getting some rest and adjusting more to the new routine. Hope the girls are loving their new little brother!


Julie Freeman said...

Love the post! I found that covering the penis with a cloth diaper during changes kept me free from pee. Mike on the other hand never caught on and Christopher peed many times on dear old dad. By the way,you are my mommy hero especially after showing up at softball the other night! I wish I had a tenth of the energy that you seem to have.

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