Friday, January 18, 2008

Like Totally, For Sure!

Yesterday ended up being a Totally 80's kind of day around here. When I put Wyatt down for his morning nap, the girls had been playing dress-up and asked if we could play Beauty Parlor. So I painted their fingers (rainbow style) and toes (hot blue with silver glitter) and did their hair (multiple braids each) and make-up (complete with eyeshadow and glitter body powder!)

Then, after several costume changes, they asked me to find some music for them to dance to. I started flipping thru all the XM radio channels on our TV only to discover that Radio Disney and Kid Tunes are ones we'd have to special order. SO... I tuned into what I consider awesome dancing music - The 80's! and let them rock out.
After a few songs and some crazy dancing - Megan's braids had begun to fall out. But all the better, because now her hair was crimped! So Rad. I told her she was totally cool, but I'm not so sure she believed me. She kept telling me "But Mom, my hair is really BIG?!" Yes Megan, I think in the 80's that was the point. The bigger the better. I'd be a millionaire if only I had bought stock in Auqa Net.

A little into our dance session, Wyatt awoke and became the perfect audience. If you listen, you can hear Megan say "I'm pretending I'm playing the guitar!" Too Funny! And I couldn't get over Molly trying to dance in my white espadrilles. Little did she know she was both 80's and trendy all at the same time. I guess some things really do come back in style!

Please! Don't ask me why my girls think kicking their legs up, spread eagle style and putting their ASS in the air is good dancing, but apparently - they do. Perhaps the Beastie Boys brings out the best in them?

This one melts my heart! Does life get sweeter than this?

Hungry Like a Wolf, Brass Monkey, Jack & Diane and lots of laughs. A Totally Bitchin' Day if you ask me!


Joanna said...

That was TOO CUTE! Loved the dancing and the entry.

LACY said...

I love the 80's!!!

~love said...

hiliarious! i love days like this. and that spread eagle move is seriously cool. =)

LACY said...

Hey Bro, it's Carl "YEAHHHHHAAAAA!"
Family looks great. Hope to see ya some time. GO Giants!

Tonya said...

you are having just way too much fun with these little ones!

I can't get over how adorable your girls are!

Cute cute cute...


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