Sunday, January 06, 2008

These Are a Few of Our


I wanted to start a tradition where at the start of each year, I will ask the kids for answers as to what are their favorite things and write down the answers. I think it will be fun to see what changes and what stays the same as they grow. These are the exact words that came out of their mouths after I asked each question.

Megan, age 4
Color: Hot Blue (which she has just this week, started to almost correctly call "twerkoise")
Food: Cinnamon Applesauce that you make Mommy
Drink: Water
Dessert or Treat: Ice Cream with cake on top of the ice cream
Toy: My Sister
TV Show: Cat and Mouse (Tom & Jerry)
Game to play: Playing Dollies with my sister
Car: Twerkoise Mini Car, like a Cooper
Friend: Peyton
Song: Good News
Thing to do with Daddy: play chase outside on our bikes
Thing to do with Mommy: when you play Beauty Parlor with me
About Molly: hugging each other
About Wyatt: smiling at me
About School: playing jump - what you jump on the numbers, with Kate (she means hop scotch)

Molly, almost 3
Color: Purple
Food: Sushi
Drink: Apple Juice
Dessert or Treat: "Feedish Fish" (aka Swedish fish)
Toy: Ponies (My Little Pony)
TV Show: Wiggles
Game to play: Tea Party from Kate and Paul
Car: Purple Car
Friend: Vivi
Song: Papa's Song (aka Hush Little Baby)
Thing to do with Daddy: go his school
(Matt takes her to help feed his animals in his classroom and lets her color on the whiteboard)
Thing to do with Mommy: make eggs for breffest with you
About Megan: playing babies
About Wyatt: play on his toy with him - what this called, Mom? (as she points to the floor gym)
About School: playing dollhouse - Miss Susie has a dollhouse, Mom! Just like ours.


Libby said...

Love the Favorites... not sure about the new color. I think it's hard to read. Don't you have to call it i-blog now, since it's white?

Jennifer said...

Love that tradition!!! So cute!!! Happy New Year!

Jennifer said...

Love that tradition!!! So cute!!! Happy New Year!

Anderson said...


Joanna said...

Love it. Great idea!

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