Friday, March 28, 2008

Two Hundred!

In honor of this being my 200th post - I thought I would participate in a little blogging tradition and do my "100 Things." It also comes at a time that I've been tagged to share 7 new things about myself. So Laura, there's GOT to be at least that many in here!

  1. I was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

  2. But spent most of my growing up in Costa Mesa, California

  3. The house I grew up in is just two blocks away from the house my mom lived in as a little girl

  4. I went to the same high school as my father, grandmother and grandfather

  5. It's also the same high school my husband Matt teaches at now

  6. He went there too - we graduated together in 1994

  7. He was the football captain - I was kind of geeky, but was friends with lots of different "groups"

  8. We went to Winter Formal, our senior year, in the same group but with different dates

  9. We have a picture from that night together because we were the only two to finish the drinking game "Hour of Power"

  10. Hour of Power is a game where you take a shot of beer every minute for an hour

  11. If our children ever play this game before they are 21, I will kick their a**es!

  12. In high school, I worked at a novelty gift store in a strip mall

  13. Matt worked at a restaurant in the same strip mall from where I would always order lunch

  14. It's funny now - to think how many times we must have run into each other before we really "saw" each other

  15. He "saw" me before I "saw" him

  16. But I said I love you first

  17. I knew within a week of dating him, I wanted to marry him. We were 20 years old.

  18. In July we will have been married 9 years

  19. My middle name was Teresa, but I changed it to Gregg (my maiden name) when I got married

  20. I am the oldest of 4 kids - two brothers and a sister

  21. My brother Andy and I did some child modeling and were in an add for PJ Kids

  22. He totally stole the show

  23. I was also quite the child gymnast - A fact my husband loves to make fun of

  24. When I was little I wanted to be a Marine Biologist (if I could work at Sea World,) a Pediatrician, or a Mommy

  25. Before I was a Mommy I managed a restaurant

  26. I liked it, the fast pace and how every day was different - but I do not miss it!

  27. Being a Mommy is what I was meant to do

  28. I went to 3 different colleges

  29. And changed my major 3 different times

  30. Pepperdine - Liberal Arts

  31. Orange Coast College - Education

  32. Cal State Fullerton - Psychology

  33. It took me almost 6 years to get my degree - but I did it

  34. Matt and I were already married when I finished

  35. My diploma from CSUF is the first official document I have with my married name on it

  36. I have a tattoo of a green shamrock on my right hip bone

  37. My mother and sister have the exact same tattoo

  38. It's an Irish thing - obviously - and was my mother's gift to my sister and me one Christmas Eve

  39. We made her go first because we couldn't believe she would do it

  40. If I could only choose one thing to eat for the rest of my life it would be SUSHI

  41. And Brie cheese

  42. And White wine

  43. And Strawberry Haggen Daaz

  44. And DIET COKE - I drink one by 7AM everyday

  45. And avocados or guacamole

  46. OK - I could never choose just ONE thing to eat for the rest of my life!

  47. But I don't like coffee, or chocolate, or peanut butter

  48. I have a green thumb

  49. Not literally, but I love to garden and can grow almost anything

  50. I used to suck my thumb

  51. Hence the 7 years of braces and oral surgery

  52. And why I let my kids have paci's until they are too old for them

  53. I must have a green stomach too

  54. Because I love to cook and bake

  55. But I love eating out even more

  56. I think my best meal is my White Chicken Enchiladas

  57. Matt thinks so too

  58. I also make a mean Sapphire Martini - which Matt says tastes like gasoline

  59. But I LOVE them

  60. My birthday is on Monday!

  61. I will be 32

  62. I don't feel 32....I feel more like 22, but with WAY more responsibilities than I had when I was 22.

  63. I think my favorite color is Green- not this Green, but this Green.

  64. I really like Pink and this Blue too - but if I buy a new shirt that comes in lots of different colors, I usually pick Green.

  65. It matches my eyes

  66. I am a Country Music fiend

  67. Blame it on my Texan college roommates

  68. If it's not country on my iPOD, then it's probably 80's POP or Madonna

  69. I saw her in concert and she was FABULOUS!

  70. I once said she was the only woman I would ever kiss

  71. Random 20-something statement

  72. But my husband has never let me live it down

  73. I am also an entertainment gossip junkie

  74. Us Weekly, MSN Entertainment...I read them daily

  75. I have watched practically every episode of Young and the Restless for the past 20 years

  76. That last statement is pathetic - think of all those wasted hours

  77. TiVo is both my curse and my best friend!

  78. I have NO IDEA how this got started...but Matt thinks I used to collect pot holders.

  79. Which I DID NOT

  80. I did used to have quite a collection of Troll Dolls, however

  81. I would keep them in my locker in Jr. High - completely random, I thought they were cute

  82. Matt's nickname for me is "Reina," It's my name in Samoan

  83. We went to Amerikan Samoa together on a mission the year we got engaged

  84. Apparently Reina also means "Queen" in Spanish

  85. A fact I would never know since I failed Spanish 1, THREE TIMES!

  86. School always came easy for me, so when I actually had to study something, I sank.

  87. It's why I chose to get my degree from a State school - you don't need a foreign language to graduate

  88. I also took Latin and German

  89. Neither of which fared much better than Spanish

  90. I learned more Spanish in the kitchen at the restaurant where I worked than in 3 years of school.

  91. I love football and would venture to say I know more than your average girl about the sport

  92. Such as Will, Sam and Mike

  93. These are not names of boys on the team, but positions they play

  94. My life consists of about a 3 mile radius

  95. Other than the occasional pleasure vacation - I would be happy to stay in this town the rest of my life

  96. But I think that is because most of my family is here - all except my sister (Katherine MOVE BACK!)

  97. If my kids were to move far away, I would want to follow them

  98. My favorite season is whatever one is just beginning - or just around the corner. I am always happy for them to come and then ready for them to change (as much as California seasons can!)

  99. Got Hope? Barack the Vote. Obama '08

AND FINALLY - Is anyone still reading this?!

100. My favorite of all favorites is Matthew.....but M, M & W tie for a close 2nd!


Anderson said...

Cannot stop laughing--you are too cute!!

Jennifer said...

Loved that post Erin!! I learned so much!! You are a truly terrific person! Like I have said before, your children and Matt are so lucky to have you!!

Aubs said...

You sound like such a fun girl!! I heart the Young and the Restless fact....I watched it w/ my mom as a girl and have continued to watch it on my own...although I haven't had much time for it the last year or so!!

And again...I am so thankful for your comment on my blog. I want you to know how amazing I think you are seem such an amazing woman, wife and mother and I'm inspired by reading about your family! :::hugs:::

Colleen said...

I loved reading this, Erin- You are so creative! Happy Birthday on Monday! I hope that you can enjoy it with a nice Sapphire martini :). Dirty Martinis are my favorite, but Alex says they taste like dirty diapers so I guess that men just don't appreciate a good martini when they taste them :)! BTW- So crazy about you and Matt and the Winter Formal picture?!

Joanna said...

Dude. Loved the troll dolls.

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