Tuesday, July 01, 2008

9 month stats and the CURSE

Wyatt had his 9 month check up last Wednesday. He weighed 21 lbs, 14 ounces and was 29 inches long. Both are in the 75th percentile. He has grown up so much in the last month. He crawls, says MaMa!, claps his hands, has started to wave bye-bye, and raises his arms on cue when we ask "How big is Wyatt?!" He can also pull himself up on anything now - and has fast become a pro and getting into his sisters' stuff!

He is over baby food and pretty much eats anything I put on his tray - even tho he only has his two bottom teeth and one top tooth. The second top one just popped through last week.
He loves buttered toast, scrambled eggs, yogurt, avocados, bananas, and Fruit Loops - yes, I said Fruit Loops. Megan got all organic, homemade baby food. Maybe some whole grain Cheerios around this time. But my third child gets Fruit Loops. He was antsy in his chair one day while I was making dinner and they were readily available. He didn't make a peep for about 15 minutes and gobbled them all up while I finished dinner. Now they have become my secret weapon. I've also discovered this week that he LOVES black beans and spaghetti. Last night he was yelling - I mean YELLING - for more spaghetti, I couldn't get it spooned into his mouth fast enough.

His iron count was a little low and the Dr said to try and get him to eat more meat. Um yeah - that's probably because every time I try and feed him that baby food meat, he spits and gags and cries. Last time I mixed it with some peas - which he usually loves - and he literally projectile vomited the stuff out and then shook his head NO and waved his arms in front of his face. Last night however, I tried some grilled chicken breast cut up really small and he ate every piece I put in front of him.

He is still nursing. About 6 times in a 24 hour period. I say it like this, because yes - he is still waking in the night to feed. I know it is just because I let him and not because he needs the calories. He loves it so - and it is the quickest way to get us all back to sleep. But after his check up last week, I decided it was time to get serious about letting him cry it out in the night. Mostly because I've booked a trip to Chicago with Megan for her 5th birthday in the end of July. So there won't be any nursing in the night in about 4 weeks - only Daddy! Since last Thursday I've nursed him at 10:30pm and then refused to even pick him up until 6am the next morning. He spent the first two nights crying his little heart out from about 2:30am-4.But then went soundly back to sleep until 7am. Saturday night he slept without making a peep from 11-6am. Sunday he cried out once for about 15 minutes and then again last night, he was awake from 3-4 crying....so I am hoping we are making progress. And just keep telling myself he will have it all figured out by the time I leave.

Finally - THE CURSE. Our computer crashed a week ago Sunday. Hence my long hiatus from blogging. Some of you may remember, my old laptop crashed at this exact same time last year! Same thing both times - working fine and then suddenly just a bright blue screen. Computer was inoperable after that. So yes, I consider the month of June "Cursed Computer" month in the Burns' household. We were able to salvage everything that was on the hard drive. And Matt has brought his work computer home for the time being. So at least I can check email and blog! I felt naked or something all last week. Lost. Too many thoughts running around my head that needed to get out!

So anyhow - we are back, sans pictures for awhile albeit. Until I get this external hard drive thingy figured out. Then I will be purging everything that's on my camera from June. Thanks to all who checked in on me. It feels nice to know I was missed!


Tonya said...

Hope you get your computer figured out...I miss seeing those little faces...

your little Wyatt is just too sweet...may I schedule a date for him with my girls this far in advance?

Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

i was wondering if everything was ok. glad you're back!! That sounds fun-your trip to chicago with megan. have a great trip!

Aubs said...

Yay!!! Your back!! I was hoping all was well.....changing any routine with a baby is so hard but good for you for being able to stick to it! Sorry to hear about your computer....that stinks! =( Looking forward to "chatting" with you next week about Jason and Deanna(hopefully)!!

Joanna said...

Of course you were missed! THanks for the Wyatt update. That little guy needed some blog attention. It sounds like you are making progress in the night and I say "Hallelujah!" to the 11-6pm on Saturday!

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