Saturday, November 22, 2008

Special Visitor

Guess who made her FIRST visit to the Burns household last night?!The Tooth Fairy!
Megan lost her first tooth on Thursday afternoon. And I mean LOST it! As in, she doesn't know when it fell out! It had been hanging by a thread for about 4 days. And I kept trying to talk her into letting me give it a little tug. But nothin' doin'. She wouldn't even let me wiggle it. Then Thursday afternoon, she was watching "Super Why" on TV and all of a sudden she jumped up and looked in the mirror on the wall behind the couch. "Mom!" she screamed, "Is my tooth gone?! Ohmigosh! MY TOOTH IS GONE!" I asked her when was the last time she remembered feeling it in her mouth and she said "Um...I think Breakfast." I think she must have swallowed it at Lunch.

Here's the best part of the story...Megan was worried about not having anything to put under her pillow for the Tooth Fairy. I told her we could write the Tooth Fairy a note to explain what had happened. And she seemed okay with that. But then she called Daddy at work to tell him what had happened. And he came up with an even better idea! When Daddy got home, he and Megan went outside and looked for a tiny rock that could pass as a tooth. They came inside, washed and dried it, and spray painted it white. Here's what went under her pillow.

Those two decided to try and TRICK the Tooth Fairy. Megan thought it was the best idea EVER. Her Daddy is a Genius. One of the many reasons I love this man.


Aubs said...

Too funny!!! Colby has the hardest time losing teeth and has one that has been hanging by a thread for over a week now and NO LUCK yet! It's crazy!! I love that Matt did something John would do! And the kids always love Daddy's ideas!!

Brooke said...

So cute!!!! Time flies. I miss you guys.

Joanna said...

Congratulations on a milestone. What will the Tooth Fairy bring her?

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