Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday - Laura Case

Today I am proud to introduce Laura Case. Laura and I met through my lifelong friend Libby. Laura and Libby went to CalTech together. Libby's blog inspired both Laura and I to start our own and the rest is virtual history! Laura and her husband Jon have twin boys, Alex and Nate. I have always admired Laura and her no nonsense attitude. Parenting twin toddlers is hard! And she doesn't try to sugar coat it. But she also finds the humor, grace, fun and good in every day. Even the hard ones. Her words are refreshing and encouraging everyday. Here are Laura's answers to how she tries to keep Thanksgiving in her heart and home all year through.

How do you try and give thanks every day?
Writing my blog is my way of stopping every day to appreciate what my family brings into my life. I could just write about the things that happen to us, but I also like to write about how I feel being a mother, a wife, and a woman. It is a daily meditation on what amazing thing was brought into my life that day because I have a family.

What do you take for granted that you might express more thanks for?

I take for granted that Jon will be an equal partner with me. That is not an ordinary role for men in our society. When I first met him I was blown away by this trait, but now I expect it from him. I should be more thankful for how much Jon does to be a father and a spouse. I know that I appreciate it when he thanks me for doing my share. Since becoming a mother, my expectations for Jon and I have increased because I want to model the behaviors and attributes I would like to see from my children. I really need to take more time to tell Jon how awesome he is.

What attributes do you possess that you are thankful for?
I am most thankful for my inherent attribute of productivity. I like to accomplish things. That attribute has helped me achieve a lot of dreams and goals in my lifetime. I am also thankful for my inherent optimism. Some days, that’s the only thing that gets me through the day.

Who has treated you with kindness and generosity, and how would you like to thank that person?

This is a tricky question. Everyone has always treated me with kindness and generosity. I think you get back in this world what you put out into it. But since Erin and I have met through blogging and this is a blog series, I would thank everyone reading and providing input into my blog. While I write it primarily for myself, one of the true joys is sharing this joy of parenthood with others.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
The favorite tradition I have that Jon and I created together is to talk about what we are most thankful for that particular year. We think about it ahead of time and spend time talking about it on Thanksgiving. In 2005, I had surgery to repair my hearing and Jon had to care for me during my recovery. Right after recovery, I got pregnant and had extreme morning sickness and he had to care for me. That year I was thankful for Jon. In 2006, after months of worries about pre-term labor, our boys were born healthy and strong. We gave thanks for their health. I still give thanks for their health. In 2007, we had had an amazing year filled with so many good things. It was the best year I can remember (until this year!) I could not pick one thing so I listed everything – Jon, Alex, Nate, financial stability, friends, family, happiness. This year...well you will just have to read my blog!

CLICK HERE to go to "Laura's Mommy Journal"

Today I am Thankful for Laura. I always look forward to her posts! They brighten my day. The friendship she has shared with me is both inspiring and refreshing. She has supported me in so many ways. By joining my Race for the Cure team, by encouraging me through tough times, by keeping it real and reminding me to keep it all in perspective. Thank you God for Laura!

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I also added two updates to my election day "BE HEARD" post since I've gotten a ton of questions and comments about my decisions. You can find them by CLICKING HERE.


LACY said...

Erin you are so sweet. Thanks for posting us on Thankful thursday!! I love the pics of your kids in their hawaiian attire, soooo cute!

~love said...

thanks for doing this erin! =)
off to visit laura, then to print off that pumpkin bread recipe!!

Trish said...

what a lovely tribute and I agree.I love to read Laura's blog it inspires me with my own twin sons.

Joanna said...

Omigoodness, that update on 'x'ing the box was funny. I swear I wasn't one of the anonymous emailers

Joanna said...

Oh, and I love Laura, too!

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