Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sing A Long

Megan and Molly's Christmas program at school was just too precious. There is something about preschoolers singing enthusiastically off key that makes my heart smile. Molly has watched Megan participate in this program for two years. So she was VERY excited to finally have her turn in the spotlight. Her preschool class sang a song called "Come On Ring Those Bells!" Molly was so serious! And when I finally caught her eye and got her to smile - I wasn't paying attention to the camera and cut her head off! Typical Erin fashion. 

After all the preschool classes sing their songs, the Jr. Kindergarten class performs a play of the true meaning of Christmas. Megan was chosen to be the announcer. Which means before the play began, all by herself, in front of a packed sanctuary (probably 300+ people!) she took the mic and said:

"Hello and Welcome! The Jr. Kindergarten class will now perform the true meaning of Christmas, The birth of Jesus. Let us Rejoice!"

I had every intention of getting this on video....but my eyes teared up and I turned into a bumbling fool with my camera. So all you get are stills. I was so proud of her. 

Once the play began, Megan was one of the angels. Quite fitting if I do say so myself. Many of the kids in her class have been together since Mommy & Me, four years ago. So it was so fun to see them be the "oldest" of the school, playing their parts with pride and enthusiasm. I will be sad next Fall when the all go to new elementary schools! 

It was a fun morning for our family. Luckily Daddy's school is right across the street, so he was able to run over during his lunch break and catch the whole thing! 


Ramirez Family said...

That is awesome! Alex's school has a little program tonight and I think even Josh's class gets to play the jingle bells. I'm looking forward to it. Is Megan really going to K next year? Already?? Will she go to Woodland/Kaiser?

Aubs said...

How precious!! The enthusiastic out of tune vocals of little ones gets me every time too!! Even Colby's school programs get me choked up still!! So glad Daddy was able to sneak over to see the performance too....what FUN!!

Joanna said...

That is soo sweet. You must have been immensely proud of both of your girls.

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