Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All Along

To Katherine, my little sister, on your 27th Birthday:

I've started this post, your Birthday Letter, countless times in the past week. Wanting to find the words that define what's in my heart for you. Words that could describe the memories, the laughter, the waxes and the wanes of our sisterhood. What I've concluded is that no words suffice. Words can not invoke the love I want you to feel today, the thankfulness that fills my soul because we have each other.

Even miles apart - you are my best friend. We can go days without talking, and still be keenly in tune with one another. We are not the same. We have different tastes and different thoughts. But always there is a common thread. We understand each other so well. My idiosyncrasies are not new to you, they are old hat. When I would have to use 500 words to explain a bump in my day to someone else, you understand me in 10. You can always make me laugh, and can always bring perspective. When something great happens in my life, I want to share it with you. When something bad happens in my life, I have to share it with you. When my life is sublimely average, sharing it with you makes it sparkle!

I find great joy in your accomplishments, your happinesses, your successes. But most of all, I find great joy in YOU! You are such a good person. Giving, thoughtful, loving, and hard working. I may be your big sister, but you have taught me much about the kind of woman I would like to be. Someone who is involved in her community, in her faith, and in her relationships. Someone who attacks life with a level, well educated head and a full, compassionate heart. Someone who finds pleasure in things like hand written notes, fresh flowers, autobiographies and organic produce. Someone who is passionate about her career, her family, and her husband (to be!) Someone who is effortlessly fashion forward!!

I am so excited for this next year of your life! Excited to stand beside you as you become a Mrs. I love your man almost as much as I love you...and am so happy you two found each other. You really do compliment each other with ease. (Plus - he puts up with the amount of shoes you own!) The bond you two share is fun to watch. I believe that there are bonds in life that can never be broken. Bonds formed when you find that one person who will stand by you no matter what. Who will love you in the sunshine as well as in the rain. You and Paul share this kind of bond. Matt and I share this kind of bond.

So how doubly blessed are we, my sister?! For we know this bond can also be found in the person you can count on for a lifetime, the person who knows you, sometimes better than you know yourself. The person who's been standing beside you all along.

Happiest of Birthdays, my little sister.

I will be beside you, all along, forever!


Aubs said...

So sweet Erin.....i love this! I don't have a sister and i admire so much those that do and share that special bond! What a blessing!

Katherine~ I pray your birthday and the next year are all you could hope and dream! Have a wonderful day!

Tonya said...

beautiful erin...there is nothing like sisters...you are lucky to have eachother...



~love said...


i'm so thankful to have my sister & pray that my girls grow up feeling just what you've described, too. there really is nothing like a sister.

Ramirez Family said...

LOVE the nostalgic photos (since that's the Katherine I remember... I hardly recognize the *brunette beauty "Kate"* in the photos of late!) Happy Birthday Kath!

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