Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boredom Busters

I am always looking for fun ways to pass the morning hours with the kids. I let them watch TV before breakfast, as well as after they are completely ready for school (dressed, hair and teeth brushed, shoes on, homework at the door). So - on the mornings Molly is at home and Megan is at school, I really try to find "projects" for us to do together so that the TV doesn't get turned on again. She'd watch Max and Ruby all day if I let her!

One of our favorite Boredom Busters is making collages. Whenever I buy eggs, I always save the empty cardboard carton. Then, when it's time to "craft," I fill each little cup with different decorations. Sequins, table salt I have dyed different colors, cotton balls, tissue paper squares, uncooked pasta noodles.

I give her a piece of construction paper and a glue stick and let her go to town. She loves it! At the end of our craft time I just sweep all the mess off the table with a sponge, back into the egg carton, and the whole thing goes in the trash. Easy clean up makes crafting so much more enjoyable for Mommy! I always ask her to write her name on her creations - I love seeing her little signature develop. And then I give her a roll of scotch tape and let her tape it up on our back door. (The girl thinks Scotch tape is sent from Heaven) So that always finishes our project with a happy bang!

Today when she was done, she asked me "Mom, Do you think it's beautiful?!" So much so, my Molly B. SO MUCH!

What are some of your favorite Boredom Busters?

(We also made a yummy edible playdough today - for Wyatt's benefit! CLICK HERE for the recipe on Haute Plates!)

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