Monday, January 12, 2009

Dancing With MY Stars

Whenever my day gets a little crazy, I usually try to "check out" for a bit. To forget the boring, chore parts of the day - get away from the laundry, dishes, meal prep and the like - we crank up the XM radio on the TV and rock out! It always makes the day more fun and less work.

I mean what makes you feel better than twirling about the room?!

Megan "playing" Hanna Montana. Molly asked me to blow out her curls, she wanted straight hair like Megan...but I don't like it! 

Does it get cuter than this? Not for me, it doesn't!

After a costume change for Megan, and an updo for Molly - they did their best Dancing with the Stars impersonation.

No matter what life throws at me, these little dancing feet can always make me smile!

Are you having a Maniac Monday? Pump up the Volume and make it all melt away! 


Aubs said...

Too cute!! Music makes just about anything better for me! I almost never clean w/o music on!! Bachelor tonight!!!!!!

~love said...

music and dancing is an essential part of our day here. =)
it is 5 degrees here today and we're expecting 6 inches of snow tonight. how.i.envy.your.tank.tops

Jean Marie Bibby said...

Love "Move-It-Monkey-ies"! We often do the same thing when Mommy needs some "I love you because" time.

Baby Mama said...

FUN!! i love to dance with Arabella! she laughs and thinks its the best thing ever! i love dancing baby feet too! have a great day!

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