Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy {Chinese} New Year

A certain Nie post has always held a special place in my heart. For one, it was posted on my birthday last year! Two, it perfectly portrays why I love Nie. Intertwined with fun and creativity, she teaches her children compassion. When I first read this post almost a year ago, I wanted to do it too, with my kids! I've been patiently waiting for Chinese New Year to come along - so my obsessive self could copycat with a purpose. But with, of course, my own little "Haute Plates" twist.

Yesterday marked the beginning of the Year of the Ox. Before school, the girls had fun decorating fortunes.

Some of my favorites included:

When the girls were at school, I baked their fortunes inside some mini almond (Fortune Cookie flavored) cupcakes! Then when they got home, we packaged them up and delivered them to teachers, neighbors, friends and family.

For dinner, we continued celebrating the Year of the Ox with Orange chicken, steamed rice, cream cheese wontons, and chopsticks. I was impressed at how well Megan did!

I had also written a few special fortunes of my own and saved those cupcakes for after dinner.

Wyatt loving his cupcake...

And kissing his fortune. LOVE!

CLICK HERE to find the Fortune Cookie Cupcake recipe on Haute Plates...So fun! (and yummy!) Happy New Year!

PS - I know today should be Leaf Turning Tuesday...but we had so much fun yesterday that I couldn't wait to post our Chinese New Year's pics....how 'bout Leaf Turning Thursday to finish out the month?! Promise.


Aubs said...

So fun!! I went to a Chinese new year celebration in Colby's class and it was so fun! I forgot the camera (of course) but what a fun thing to celebrate! I'm going to have to remember the fortune cookie cupcake recipe!!

Dying to hear your thoughts on last night....i totally came across a "spoiler" video clip the other day. You'll have to check it out at:


Your thoughts please??? let me know once you have a chance to check it out!!

Barbour said...

So cute, tell the girls i say hi, looks they loved the fortunes

Brooke said...

Ok, you are the cutest mom ever! How do you do it?

Joanna said...

I saw my fortune! We got, "God loves you." Very sweet. Whitney LOVED the frosting!!

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