Friday, February 27, 2009

Date Your Mate - Week 4

Date Your Mate Challenge

I was Mother Hubbard this milk, eggs, bread, butter, or cereal! So we got dressed and left the house early, hitting McDonald's for breakfast before school. Then I took advantage of having only 1 kid and made it to the grocery store, gas station, car wash (for the outside,) dry cleaners and had lunch with Matt at work before I had to pick the girls up. Then - since it's so beautiful today, I quick made some PB&J's and took the kids to the park where we played our little hearts out!

Hence - just now getting to today's Date Your Mate Challenge. Sorry!

Date Your Mate Challenge - Week 4 "Carve out some Playtime"

Between work, kids, and all the daily responsibilities those two things entail - Matt and my schedules and moods can get pretty bogged down. There needs to be an opportunity to revive from the burnout that comes from being a busy adult and parent! My challenge this week is to balance out our weary week with some seriously silly, childlike playtime together. Maybe we'll play a round of miniature golf, or take a trip to the batting cages together (selfishly - I love to watch him hit.) A ride on a merry go round followed by an ice cream cone sounds like fun!

Matt and I can't always get a babysitter, but that doesn't mean the fun has to stop! If you and your mate can't make it out of the house, do something silly together at home. Perhaps a Tickling Match, Pillow Fight, or a Funny Face faceoff - let your kids be the judge! Want to spice it up? Play a game of Twister after the kids have gone to bed - or hit the shower for some body painting with homemade bubble bath finger paints!

Are you up for the Challenge? Whatever you do - get silly and have fun. If you'd like to share your fun, write a post about your Playtime sometime this week and link back. Add your name below and get playful! Relax, Release, and Rejuvenate!

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