Friday, March 27, 2009

Date Your Mate - Week 8

Date Your Mate Challenge

This week's challenge was inspired by a few surprise cards I received in the mail this week. Next Tuesday is my birthday, and this past Wednesday, I found a brightly colored envelope addressed to me in the mailbox! I wasn't expecting it, and it was from someone who hadn't sent me birthday wishes in the past. The message inside was so sweet and heartfelt. It made me feel so good. When I discovered another bright envelope yesterday, I immediately let out a little squeal and did a little dance. (Even before I knew it was mine!)

Isn't there just something special about getting a piece of handwritten love in the mail?!

Date Your Mate Challenge - Week 8 "Write Now"

In this age of technology, Matt and my daily communication is usually through texts, emails, Facebook, and quick cell phone chats or voice mails. I feel we are expressive in our love for each other - we always kiss hello and goodbye, and say "I Love You" several times a day - but after receiving those surprise cards in the mail, I realized I wanted to give Matt that same feeling of being loved through pen and paper.

(the 5 postcards Matt will be finding in his mailbox next week)

This week's challenge is to send your honey a handwritten letter. Sure, it may seem a little silly considering you live together, eat together, sleep together. But just do it! Don't work yourself into a writer's block, just put a feeling or two into words and pop it in the mail. The fact that you took the time to locate a stamp is at least partial evidence of your undying love, right?! Who knows, you and your honey might even become pen pals.

Are you up for the challenge? Add your name below then grab a pen, paper, and 42 cents and get writing! (Unless you're Frugal Freida like me and you send postcards for just 27 cents...)

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Avery's mom said...

Great idea! Steve & I used to do this when we were dating, but since we've been married we keep a cute little spiral bound journal on our bathroom vanity and leave little love notes, drawings, etc. for each other in the morning or before bed.

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