Thursday, March 05, 2009

Giggles, Annoyance, Perfection & BLISS

If this doesn't make your Thursday - you might as well go back to bed and wait for Friday!

On a completely OTHER anyone else as LOST as me?? I am annoyed as I am enthralled. I know that's the point...but it's still very frustrating! Now we have to wait 2 weeks?!

2nd OTHER note...I think I have a girl crush on Heidi Klum...have you seen her new VS ad? She's so cute. Almost perfect. Which is why VS picked her, I guess.

Speaking of PERFECTION. This is how my Wednesday night ended.

More perfection... I hosted Book Club last night and made
Lemon Blueberry Pizza for dessert.
CLICK HERE for the recipe on Haute Plates. More BLISS.

1 comment:

Aubs said... glad you put that recipe on haute plates!! LOVE the giggles..i soooo miss those toddler giggles!! I don't watch Lost so i can't really help ya out there! And indeed your night cap last night looked perfect!

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