Monday, March 09, 2009

The Lizard Wizard

Last week, Megan's class got a special visit from the Lizard Wizard. He is a man who travels around to schools, playgroups, scout clubs and birthday parties with his plethora of reptiles. Educating kids and involving them in his demonstration. He is always a BIG HIT!

I was so proud of my brave little girl! Raising her hand to volunteer - even when she didn't know exactly what was coming next...except that it was cold blooded!

She was so excited when she got picked!

She got to hold a frog and she thought it was great. Since Daddy has many of the same animals in his classroom and she's held them all - she wasn't afraid at all.

I know she made her Biology teacher, reptile loving Daddy proud too!
There was also a tortoise, boa constrictor, gecko, tarantula, millipede and more.
While I'm not the biggest fan of all of Matt's "friends," I do love how he's taught our children to be comfortable with and appreciate all kinds of animals. I will have to keep that in mind when he brings them home to live with us this Summer!

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Joanna said...

How neat! I think owning all sorts of pets as a kid is a wonderful learning experience. By the time you are an adult, you would hardly go to petsmart and pick up a lizard to care for. You've got to get these things out of your system while you are young. It teaches you about respect and care for many types of living things.

~love said...

oh Lord have mercy...ALL those animals in your house for the summer?! i do agree it teaches little ones wonderful things, but it'd take me a lot of mental preparation to happily bring them into my home! you're a good woman! = )

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