Thursday, April 02, 2009

Great Day

I started my birthday thinking it was going to be a pretty average and normal day. I mean, 33 on a Tuesday. Whoopty Doo, right?! Matt and I had already "celebrated" the Friday before. The kids had spent the night at Grandma's, I made a yummy dinner, he came home with Chardonnay, Strawberry Haagen Dazs and my own personal copy of Edward in Blue Ray. He even watched it with me and was sweet enough to pronounce the whole thing "entertaining!" But I was in for a surprise. Because by the end of Tuesday, I realized my Birthday had been anything but average and normal.

I woke to flats and flats of flowers, veggies and herbs to plant in my garden from Matt and the kids. Followed by hugs and kisses and pancakes with whipped cream! Then at about 8AM I noticed that a huge glass vase and single flower had made an appearance at my front door. Hmm....I decided to let it be. Megan talked me into letting her play hookie from school so we could all dig in the dirt together. (She didn't have to twist too hard, because I knew a very special someone was touching down at the airport around 10AM!) At noon we had about half the flowers planted when my sister, Katherine, made her celebrated appearance bringing with her deli sandwiches, chips, and gorgeous green grapes (my favorite!) In the afternoon, Megan had her first day of a new session of Gymnastics and was so pleased to have her Aunt and Grammie there to watch too.

After gymnastics, my mom asked if I wanted to go to Jimmy's Burger Joint for dinner. This new place by us has been getting a lot of buzz. Especially from my brother, Andy! Both he and my parents claim this place serves the BEST flame grilled burgers they've ever tasted....with buns so fresh and light, Andy has coined the term "Donut Burger" to describe them. How could I resist?! So for dinner my entire family, and some friends, rather impromptly descended upon Jimmy's. The 18 of us practically took over the little place and they did not disappoint. It was the best burger I've ever tasted. Their beer battered onion rings with ranch dressing and sweet potato fries with Chipotle dipping sauce were ridiculous too!

Megan came up to me after she had finished her corn dog and said "Mom, I ate all my corn dog and some of my fries and most my lemonade. I'm SO full! ....But I still have room for cake!" Ha! I laughed out loud and said, "Oh Megan! Good job, but I don't think we have any cake tonight." She looked at me like I was insane. NO CAKE?! I could tell she was thinking, "What kind of birthday party is this?!" Then to my complete surprise, my mom came out of Jimmy's kitchen with a huge tray of cupcakes all lit up with birthday candles. There were lemon ones, strawberry ones, coconut ones, and red velvet ones...but not a chocolate one in the bunch. Definitely made for me! The kids helped me blow out my candles and we all indulged. Now I understood Megan's dumbfounded look...she had known about the cupcakes all along! We all rolled ourselves out of there thoroughly satisfied.

Matt took the kids home so I could go back to my parents' house and work on the program for GG's service the next day. It took me longer than I expected to finish and when I finally returned home to him, I found a clean house, my own personal bottle of Sapphire, the newest InStyle, and a surprise entry on my blog. I went to bed ensured of sweet dreams.

Wondering what happened to the glass vase? Throughout the day, my girlfriends each stopped by with a card and flower. Some I saw, some just quickly snuck in and out! But by the evening, the vase was overflowing with Gerber Daisies, Daffodils, Tulips, Sunflowers, Roses, and Snapdragons in bright yellows, oranges, purple and several shades of pink! It was so pretty and SO thoughtful. One of them even brought me a new rose bush called "Disneyland." Does she know me, or what?! I am so blessed by the strength, support, friendship, love and laughter these women share with me. So blessed.

Thank you to everyone who made my day special. And to everyone who blessed me with virtual LOVE on my birthday. My phone was beeping of the hook with Facebook and Twitter wishes all day. What a fun, technical world we live in! Sorry about the serious lack of pics - my camera battery charger has gone AWOL. My guess is my gypsy of a daughter has it hidden somewhere. I've looked in all the obvious places...time to rip apart the house!


Aubs said...

What a FUN day!! It makes my heart happy to know that you were so blessed on your're one special chica and i'm so blessed by you!!

Bert Bell said...

Looks like the birthday was full of blessings all around. I love the vase and flower idea....hmmm Pastor's birthday is this Saturday, can I pull it off with some help from fellow parishioners...hmmm? Well at least I can take a tip from one of your blessings and buy a rose bush for her yard. Many hugs & blessings

Ramirez Family said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful day... family, friends, flowers, favorites... it sounds like it was perfect! Happy Belated Birthday from your old friend in Texas too!

Joanna said...

How beautiful. I wish I had known of the flowers because I most certainly would have participated. I am happy you had such a love-filled day.

Andy said...

So I guess I'm not "cool" enough to get a birthday post from you. Even a belated one at that. I'll have to keep my hopes up for next year.

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