Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring Break

(Please Lord, never let this be my children...)

I'm doing just that. Taking a "Spring Break" from my blog.

I've got mucho going on right now with Matt and the kids home from school but daycare kids still in attendance. The house is a ridiculously loud, chaotic mess 24/7. Plus I'm planning two bridal parties for my sister and obsessing over all the little details. I'm hosting both A Mad Hatter's Tea Party and an Appropriately Inappropriate Bachelorette Party next month. Then there's the weeding and planting of the remaining flowers and vegetables for my garden (this week is foxgloves, petunias, carrots and tomatoes.) Don't forget the everyday chores of meals, laundry and working out. (Whoops! You can guess what's been getting left off the list! Blah.)

More than once I have felt overwhelmed these past few days and posting to the blog has felt like a chore. I HATE that! And more than once I have been asked by my children these past few days "Mom, why do you always work on the computer?!" I don't want my family to think of me as the "Mom behind the laptop," so I am taking a Hiatus.

Just for the week. If you find you just can't live without me, you can always check me out on Twitter. Much easier to text 140 characters than write a whole blog post...

After Easter, I'll return refreshed, rejuvenated, and hopefully ridiculously full of ideas to post!

Later Peeps, I'm off to make myself sick on jelly bellys.

1 comment:

Joanna said...

You are SO allowed to do this. Everyone needs a break sometime. Now go enjoy your family.

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