Thursday, August 06, 2009

Riddle Me This

HEY BABY, It was like WORLD WAR III trying to get my butt off the couch and run last night. But I knew I would be MUCH BETTER if I did and the BLACK KEYS on my scale in the morning would be too. Matt said to me, FLY WITH ME to the beach. I'll play with the kids while you run. I said, WHAT DID I DO TO YOUR HEART to deserve such awesomeness?! So running I went. I had to TURN RIGHT along the way to avoid some POISON IVY...but ran my fastest mile yet and made it home BEFORE THE STORM. If I'm going to KEEP IT REAL however, I must admit I'm a little PARANOID about missing Book Club. Please DON'T CHARGE ME FOR THE CRIME, girls. I really rather you DON'T SPEAK about it at all.

So who can guess what Megan, Molly and I are doing tomorrow
night from the above paragraph?

(Maybe I should re-phrase)

Who is shameless enough to admit they get what I'm hinting at in the above paragraph?!

(Still contemplating how to best "Pay It Forward" for this over the top, total surprise,
Random Act of Kindness from one of my readers...)


Haus of Girls said...

Ok all the CAPS must mean something? Album titles? Don't Speak is NO DOUBT song?! Maybe they are all No Doubt songs? That is my guess..... I am NO riddle solver though. That is for sure! Glad you got to run. Your hubby is awesome!

Sharon Scarpa said...

JB Baby! Right??? Have fun!!!

Jaxs Mama said...

all i know is something to do with the Jonas Brothers..knowledge I have secured from my darling 9 year old niece, Lexi..obviously as Jax has not expressed an interest yet in pre-teen pop music :)

Brooke said...

JO Bros!!! Can I come? Just Kidding!!!

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