Saturday, September 24, 2011

Memory Lane

For today's Memory Lane I wanted to go back to the day we brought Duke home. He is both the biggest joy and the biggest ache these days. I mean, don't I already clean up enough POOP?! I can't even make my own run a priority, let alone the dog's. Who's idea was it to get a dog anyway? Oh yes, MINE.

Duke truly is a member of our family. And as much as he makes me crazy...He is the most fiercely loyal thing ever. I don't think I could live without him. He makes me feel safe when Mateo is gone. I know, without a doubt, he'd take off your head if you step foot on our property and I don't want you here. I also know, without a doubt, his happiest moments are playing with the kids. Bonus? He's saved me from buying more than a few $80 Dinosaur Encyclopedias from a door to door salesman! (Seriously look how tiny he is! 1/3rd the size of a 3 year old Megan!)

New Family Additon
originally blogged December 12, 2006

We have a new addition to our family! A four legged one that is. For Christmas I got Matt a black Labrador puppy. We picked him up today and Matt named him "Duke." As long as I have known him, Matt has wanted a black lab.When Matt was a boy, he had a black lab named Frodo that was taken away because, after being provoked, the dog snipped at a girl down the street. Matt says he can still vividly remember the day and how sad he was. So, finally Matt has his redemption. Duke is SO cute and already the girls are in love with him. He chases them around the house and wrestles with them on the ground. I was a little worried about getting the girls to leave him alone long enough so that he could get some sleep. But right in the middle of all the noise and commotion - Duke just laid down on the carpet in the living room and passed out. Coming from a litter of 7 pups, I guess he's used to sleeping when and where he can get it! This being his first night away from home however....we'll see how long it lasts.


That was one cute puppy!
Here we are almost 5 years later...and he's still pretty cute.
Even if he is the BIGGEST 112 pound baby in the house!

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