Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Place

We went to Crystal Cove on Sunday after church.
It was a beautiful day and a fabulous few hours at one of my favorite places.

Grammie & Papa went too and we had lunch at the Beachcomber. Yum! While we waited for a table, we went on a treasure hunt for interesting flotsam and jetsam. Easiest hour spent waiting for a table ever!

I love all the old cottages and their weathered beauty.

Looking out away from the cottages is quite beautiful too!

Thinking our next installment of family pics should be here...or at least a Christmas card shoot!

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{cuppakim} said...

you are all up in your big vocab beachy words. i had to google those things.

i thought flotsam was the junk that they put on cakes in cheesey grocery store bakeries. haha!

love the textured pics, SO awesome.

you have a good eye.
i need to use my eyes like that.

also, YES to the family photoshoot.

Kristen said...

love the beach. i dream of living near the beach.

i agree with kim... famiily photo shoot there for sure!

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