Friday, January 20, 2012

InstaFriday : Photo366 week 3

Week 3
14-20 : 366

Jan14 - Something I'm Reading

On The Road by Jack Kerouac

Jan15 - Happiness

This was my place card at my Tyler Florence Supper Club last weekend. These girls are definitely my happiness. And my "family."

Jan16 - Morning

Looking like this cause i had been up since 3AM with a sick Munchie! But let's be honest. This is me. Crazy. Especially in the morning!

Jan17 - Water

Wyatt said to me, "Mom, can I have a sleepover party? I already set up the snacks!" So my kid. Forever planning the next fun event.

Jan18 - Something I Bought

A weekly planner and the rainbow. I have about 400 meetings between now and May 5th, so I might as well prettify the chaos!

Jan19 - Sweet

Lemon Cheesecake bars. My two favorite flavors.

Jan20 - Someone I Love
My Kate. My sister and best friend. Today is her 30th birthday...she's officially on The Datk Side now!

In honor of Kate's birthday, i picked the kids up early from scholl and we're headed to a matinee. And tonight we're making cheddar caramel popcorn! If you're ever in ChiTown, you must get yourself some Garrett's. Even tho you might have to stand in a line around the block. Try the Chicago Mix. It's crazy good. And I will be drinking a Happy Birthday-tini! Cause...even tho she's 1744 miles away, we still have to celebrate! And, she'd want me to. (hello...slightly obsessed with both those blogs. One for the food. One for the drinks. Both for the FAB photography!)


Amy said...

Party in a martini glass! So fun....LOVE that blog! Am going to make me a bubble gum necklace for Holden's birthday party! ;-) Thanks for sharing and I'll be dreaming of that martini tonight.....Happy Friday! XO

Jamie said...

Haha! Loved the crazy photo - that's how I feel most days so I totally get it :)

Amy said...

Lemon cheesecake bars. Wow. Like a party in my mouth!

Holly said...

Hehehe the crazy photo made me laugh. :P

Lemon cheesecake bars sound amazing. If I made some I might eat the whole thing in one sitting, I probably shouldn't. :(

Kelli said...

I love planners! And lemon and cheesecake aren't bad either. I am new to your blog...stopped over from Mel & Larson Lingo because she talked about your Top Six. I am posting about it on my blog the idea...NEED the idea. Thanks.

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