Friday, January 06, 2012

InstaFriday : Photo366

I think I said I was going to use Mondays as my Photo366 wrap up each week...but I changed my mind. I'm a fickle girl, so I can totally do that, right? Since I'm using Instagram to take the 366...I figure why not use Fridays to re-cap? And link up with Jeanette too! Two Birds. So here I go. Week One 1-6:366

First - the photo prompts.
I came across this on InstaGram. I think from Nest of Posies...but I have no idea where it originated. It's been fun to have a prompt each day. If I'm going to stick with this...I think I am going to have to come up with prompts for the next 11 months!

Jan1 - Me
In a (FAB) jersey I stole from my daughter.
This boy needs to play his heart out Sunday.

Jan2 - Breakfast
PW's cinnamon rolls and the Rose Parade at Grammie & Papa's house.
I let the kids play hookey and we enjoyed the last lazy day of vacation!

Jan3 - Adore
This picture that sits on my desk of Mateo from when we were in high school.
Also adore my new iPhone case. A Christmas gift from my Momma.

Jan4 - Letterbox
It's pretty Plain Jane.
Jan5 - Something I Wore
Wayfarers and Bed Head. 
This shot is day 3 of not washing or brushing my hair.
(My mom will gag when she reads that.) 
But my hair behaves better when it's dirty.

Jan6 - Makes Me Smile
When my oldest is awarded for her hard work and helpful spirit!
MJ was recognized at Flag Deck on Friday and I was beaming.
(so was she!)

life rearranged


TDM Wendy said...

Love that you have a framed pic of your man from high school. And those cinnamon rolls look framable too.

Peta said...

just thought I would let you know it originated in AUSTRALIA! check out - it's Chantelle's blog and was her idea x


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