Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Menu Plan Monday (on Tuesday!)

We've implemented a few changes around the house since the New Year.

One - Wyatt clears the table and the girls do the dishes each night after dinner now. They are still young enough, and the "chore" new enough, that this is FUN for them. My OCD self has a hard time not butting in and telling them a better way to get the job done. But I will admit, it's super nice to leave the the table to get a couple other things done, or even just go to my room and read for a bit, and return to find the kitchen looking like this!!

Two - we (all) are bad about wasting electricity. Matt has started paying the kids a quarter each night, before dinner, he walks through the house and finds all the lights off. It's amazing how quickly good habits are formed when money is involved. I'm thinking we should have started with nickels.

Three - Matt has requested that he be the one to make dinner two nights a week. When it's not football season he likes helping out as much as he can, and he really does like to cook. So, really now...who am I to tell him No? Monday nights and one weekend night are now Matt's responsibility.

Yee Haw! Mateo cooking dinner and the girls doing the dishes? I could get used to this. Teaching Munchie all about whites, colors and darks ASAP.

Here's what will be on our table this week:

Monday - Tuna noodle casserole with garlic bread
TuesdayGreek chicken with onions, tomatoes, tzatsiki and flat bread
Wednesday - Patty melts and fruit salad
Thursday - White chicken enchiladas with Spanish rice and pinto beans (making dinner for friends)
Friday - Crispy honey chicken with steamed rice and green beans


{cuppakim} said...

hot diggity. you are living the high life over there.
they are cooking AND cleaning for you.
you are my hero.
i want to be just like you when i grow up.

reading. while my people do the work.


everydaymomma said...

Genius you people are I tell you! I'm getting on that ASAP:)

Elizabeth said...

I'm making white chicken enchiladas this week too! Great minds think alike ;)

Laurie J said...


Anonymous said...

Me likey your sink.

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