Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Menu Plan Monday (or whatever!)

I've been an cleaning/organizing fool today. Powered by EmergenC, my sippy and Miss Cyrus! We're talking emptying out hall cupboards and rearranging furniture....feels so good. Also inspired by the "clean slate" that January brings, I guess. And that today is trash day. Bye bye clutter!  A few other fresh starts happening around here are:

#1 - Clean eating and regular exercising. Vegas (aka GARTH!) for my birthday is in a little more than 2 months. Kauai in a little more than 3. And the Gala (and loads of printed press!) in a little more than 4. Operation Healthy, Strong, and Kick Ass Hot in a bikini/dress began today with gusto.

#2 - I started the 365 Photo A Day challenge and downloaded the My 365 app on my iPhone to keep track of them all. (Leave it to me to commit to doing this during a Leap Year. 366 is for overachievers.) For January, I'm playing along with Nest of Posies using Instagram. Come February...I'm not sure what will strike my picture taking fancy...but I'm inspired to stick with it. Mateo and I were talking last night that it would be fun to have all 366 5X5 pics printed as a book. I plan to use Mondays to post my 7 snapshots from the previous week.

#3 - Menu Planning. I slacked a bit in December with all the festivities and family events going on. But menu planning helps the clean eating - as well as the pocketbook and the waistline. So it's back to the regimen. 

Here's what will be on our table this week:

Tuesday - Ham steak, roasted cauliflower and green salad
Wednesday - Balsamic pork tenderloin with roasted butternut squash & fennel
Thursday - Teriyaki meatballs, steamed rice and broccoli
Friday - Baked chicken with (these rad!) individual scallop potatoes and caesar salad


{cuppakim} said...

its too close to dinner time, and this post is making me hungry. i'll take the balsamic pork tenderloin and scalloped potatoes. please and thank you.

Jodie Mac said...

Thank you for the heads up on the My365 App! I did 365 photos in 2010 and love the record I have (on a blog) but this is so much easier!! Think I may just do my own photos but like the Nest of Posies ideas!

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