Thursday, March 22, 2012

Odds. In My Favor.

Real? or Not Real?
I'm blogging again.

Has it really been a whole MONTH since my last post?
Even my Mamasita started giving me a hard time this week about the lack o' updates.

Wait. Did you notice?
I'm using correct punctuation and capitalization!!

After 2 months, 2 surgeries, 2 pins, 3 casts, and 28 stitches...I am FREE!!
I still can't bend my right thumb as well as my left. 
And I still can't hold a pen or pencil correctly, well enough to write...
but I will take it! I can cut my own food. And button my jeans. And shower like a normal person.
Sans trash bags and zip ties around my arm.
This is VBD.

Also VBD? 
(anyone who knows me knows that I've been counting the days until TODAY for days.)
Cause this is happening.

Sadly, (but sweet for my checkbook)
my cast kept me from planning the premiere party I had in mind.
But don't fret. 
We're still having (a little) fun.
I made this virtual invite...


And some of my favorite bloggers are meeting up for dinner and the movie tomorrow night. A couple might even be flying in for the occasion and staying at my house! Mateo doesn't even bat an eyelash anymore when I inform him people who he's never met are coming to stay for the weekend. It has become commonplace. We all have our vices. Mine are blog friendships and YA literature. Combine them, add a movie premiere...and I can't be responsible for my actions. Oh, this should be fun.

Today I decided to make up recipes for Nightlock Berry cheesecakes and Trackerjacker cupcakes.  I'm going to make them for us to enjoy as we wait in line for the late night movie with our coffee. I sorta thought a whole "Death by Dessert" theme sounded good. Not a bad way to go, right? And I also started working on some Hunger Games trivia cards to discuss at dinner...cause I don't know how to NOT obsess. And with my cast off, it's fun to play again!

The odds are in our favor for a whirlwind weekend of fun.
And teenage murder.
And Peeta vs Gale discussions.
I can't wait.

What am I looking forward to most about the movie?
Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket. Genius casting.

What kind of Tom Cruise movie magic they are going to use to make Peeta taller...
cause, sorry JHutch, but this is just NOT gonna work for me in the hero/heartthrob department.

(picture screenshot from Josh Hutcherson's IG feed, @iamjoshhutcherson)


{cuppakim} said...

tom cruise movie magic...or i'm switching to team gale. but for sure i'm team liam.

um, t-minus 7 hours!?!?! :)

Susan said...

Dying! Absolutely dying. I am stoked of course that you're back among the normal humans again, congrats.

I am beyond stoked that I am seeing this movie tomorrow night. I'm counting down to 7:15pm tomorrow. And beyond in love with my dear sweet hubby who bought our tickets three weeks ago to be SURE we got to see it opening day. Big brownie points earned!

I can't wait to see EBanks as Effie. I'm looking forward to that the mostest too. Your premiere party and fun sound amazing! I wish my friends could be as cool as you. Or that you and I lived so much closer. Sad.

Also, I took a bloggie hiatus and I don't even have a thumb issue to blame it on. Craziness. Welcome back!

Krulls in Haiti said...

AAAAAHHHHH!!! I thought the same exact thing about Peeta from this same picture! I'm so excited, I just can't stand it.

Lindsay said...

Ew, is he really that short? Darn.

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