Sunday, March 03, 2013

Growing Up

This weekend in the desert has been pure bliss. Very relaxing. I took an hour long bubble bath with a bottle of champagne, slept in both mornings snuggled up to Mateo, read 2 books, fell asleep poolside with my iPod in my ears...ALL EVEN THOUGH OUR THREE KIDS WERE THERE TOO!!

I used to think I'd never not miss having babies...but I have to admit, this weekend I did not miss needing to pack and navigate tinys. There wasn't a diaper bag, bottle, breast pump, floatie, or naptime to be had on this trip. We didn't have to leave any events due to tired babes, i never had to change my clothes because someone spit up on me, and dinnertime happened when it happened (once in a bar!) and did not require a 5PM start time in a place with vinyl booths, high chairs and chicken nuggets.

All the kids are water safe, no one naps anymore...they even put themselves to bed. Saturday night, Matt and I went to bed before the kids. They stayed up with popcorn and Netflix in their part of the hotel suite!! That's right...they slept in a different room than us. All. Night. Long.

Big kid families are fun. Way less Mommy guilt when I take time for me...and lots more energy for things like Chicken fights and never ending Marco Polo games in the pool. I could get used to this.

Only bad thing about going the desert?? Coming home to 65 degrees at night and I'm MAD FREEZING!! I think I lived on the Equator in my former life. Cold is not my friend.

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Aubs said...

that whole life seems SO far off for us!! ha!! so glad you had such a great relaxing time friend!! =)

Polka Dot Moon said...

Couldn't agree more! LOVE the baby stage, but LOVE their growing independence.

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