Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Indiana Wyatt's Birthday Invites

Wyatt decided on an Indiana Jones theme for his Birthday party this year. Actually, he started out requesting an "Egypt and Snakes" party...and I was like "what the heck even IS that??" and after some more investigating I learned he wanted a party "like that movie I watched with Dad where the guy has a whip and there's lots of snakes and he's in the desert fighting Indians"..."You mean Egyptians?"..."Yeah! Like the ride at Disneyland?"

OK! Got it...Indiana Jones.

Later that day, one of Wyatt's friends, who had been over when this conversation was going down, went home and told his mom, "Wyatt is having a Trader Joe's party for his birthday." Mouths of Babes. 

Once I had something to work with, I quickly got obsessing.
First had to come the invites. 
I searched Polyvore for Indiana Jones images and found this map.

Then I found THIS SITE where you can create and download one text in the Indiana Jones font for free. (I didn't really want or need the font on my computer forever, so this was perfect!)

Then I used PicMonkey to add the rest of the details.

After I printed them out, I burnt around the edges and added some spiders.
Wyatt had fun hand delivering them around town!

Our house is currently being turned into a jungle and a temple and a tomb.
Can't wait to share more pics!

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