Friday, January 31, 2014

"OMAHA!" Go Denver

1. used as a warning at the line of scrimmage in American football before a likely gain of yards.
2. aka: your defense is screwed.

This family, myself included, is crazy about football. So much so, that even when Matt is out of town for the weekend, or working late on a Monday night...I watch it alone. Good thing I married a football coach! Furthermore, this family is crazy about the Denver Broncos.

Crazy as in, our son was almost named Elway Burns, CRAZY.

So we are beyond excited for Sunday. We normally go to a huge party with a ton of friends...but this year, Matt and I both agreed we want, no...we NEED, to be where we can watch the game with no interruptions or need to make small talk. This is serious, people. What are your favorite game day eats? Mine is French Onion dip and potato chips. Or nachos with homemade guacamole. I cannot stop eating that stuff. DANGER! 

 Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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