Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Story of My Life

We did some rearranging in the girls' room this weekend - changed the bunk beds into two twin beds, hung some of their art, and cleaned out the closet. I also did some collage wall papering...You see, M+M are a wee bit infatuated with the modern day Fab 5. But I'm not so fond of plastering their nicely painted walls with posters and magazine pages. So we compromised. Their closet walls are now What Makes (the room) Beautiful! And the girls blush. Granted there are usually a slew of clothes hanging on that pole...but for the past two days, the hangers have all been pushed to the far left and right! I'm waiting for them to ask to decoupage the dresser. Can you tell which boy holds their hearts the most?? Hint...he's fond of stripes. And suspenders.

This girl starts play practice today. Two nights a week out of the house at dinner time. I'm not so sure how I feel about this. She is beyond excited to be in the play, and I am excited for her...I'm just not ready for our family to be broken up around town due to extracurricular activities yet! I love dinner time around our table. I'm interested to see how this time of adjustment goes. Will she like it? Will she miss it? Will her siblings miss her? Will we remember to share with her the things we talked about around the table? Will she remember to share with us the important parts of her day? She literally gets out of play practice at the time her Dad and I are normally tucking her into bed...we shall see how it goes.

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