Friday, February 07, 2014

The Juice is Loose

We bought a Breville juicer last month and I'm in love with it. If I'm being honest, I wasn't sure I was going to like juicing. I kinda thought it would be something I'd do because I knew it would be a fast way to get healthy stuff into my body. I never thought I'd crave the finding ways to add the juice to other recipes...slipping an ounce of it here and there into my daily gallon of I didn't think that would happen. But it has!

My favorite recipe so far is the very first one we tried. THIS ONE. I love I think that might be why. But when Matt first read me the ingredients in this recipe, I thought to myself "ICK! Why are we trying a gross green one first? Can't we do berries...or pineapple?" I mean...kale and celery and ginger? Ewww. My mouth puckered in a frown. Then I drank it.

It's ridiculous how good this juice is. I want to drink it all day and night. No really - it would kick ass mixed with some Vodka and soda.
(This is how my brain works. When I open the CSA box to find fresh grapefruit, I immediately think of fresh squeezed Salty Dogs!! Not breakfast. Hence why I needed the juicer to get all the healthy ish into my body as fast as possible.) 

Another upside to juicing? It makes beets bearable. Beets are the ONE vegetable I just can't do. I've tried. Unless they're chopped small in a salad that is mostly goat cheese, all I taste is dirt. I really thought drinking dirt would be even worse, but again, to my surprise, this CARROT + BEET juice was actually delicious.

And Cuppa!!! I totally figured out how they made Bella's blood slushies in Breaking Dawn. BEET JUICE.

I know Kim will like this post 'cause she celebrates Sochi with Golden Mules. Maybe I can juice some cherries for her. Today I'm juicing blueberries and pears and coconuts.(Would be good with Rum, no?) Ha!
Happy Friday!

1 comment:

{cuppakim} said...

omg. blood slushies.
SO hilarious.

i mean, the grenadine in the mules pretty much qualifies them as a "juice". make your own girl!

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