Monday, June 13, 2016

Inside Out

I'm making an "Inside Out" cake for my nephew's birthday tomorrow. Focusing on these colors that represent emotions and thought processes and how we healthfully deal with our inner voices and demons has me all riled up. The horrific event in Orlando last night and today's varied response all over social media has me feeling saddened, confused, mortified, heartbroken, angry, desperate, determined, many emotions.

Here's what I keep turning over in my head...I'm not against guns. We own guns, shoot guns, like guns. I agree that guns don't kill people, blah, blah, blah. BUT...after 9/11, no one can get through airport security with even a bottle of water or their shoes. Things like box cutters and nail files and knitting needles and liquids are banned. No one shouts, "Box cutters don't kill people! Wine openers don't kill people!" We understand the correlation, the connection, the A+B=C of inanimate things and the LOSS OF LIFE that has occurred.

While it may be annoying, NEVER ONCE, do I question if my "rights" are being stifled or taken away when I have to check my bag because I want to bring my own bottle of shampoo on my trip. IT'S FINE!! It's a very small sacrifice to make for the safety, the security, the serenity it allows for. So what I can't understand is, why now, why today after so many LIVES LOST, are we still arguing, still NOT GETTING, this same logic when it comes to ASSAULT RIFLES and mass shootings?? Banning assault rifles won't end mass shootings. Just like taking off my shoes doesn't end terrorism. But it sure as hell would HELP.

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