Tuesday, January 03, 2017


"Things will not always be as they are now - there will be new things, other things, good things. But I do not want to miss this, this right now, this sacred everyday. And I don't want to only see the surface. I want to see the depths - the work of God all around me...I forget so easily that there is a bigger picture. I am seduced by the bustle of the day...I forget that it's all held together by a holy, loving God." 

I love the New Year because of the energy and sense of renewal it brings for me. A few things that are filling me up and helping me to start this year off right are...

1) The 12. My morning workout. I have to do it within minutes of putting my feet on the floor or it doesn't happen. 60 minutes of sweat and pushing myself and it's DONE. I am so much better at making positive, healthy decisions throughout the day if I start it this way.

2) My new daily devotional. Savor by Shauna Niequist. I listen to it on audible in the mornings after I get home from the gym and it helps my focus to stay right where it should be! Like she says in the forward, I (can be) easily seduced by the bustle of the day.

3) Hot water with lemon and collagen. I've been following an intermittent fasting schedule for about a month and I am loving it. (If you want to learn more about IF and it's awesome health benefits, check out my friend, Marta and her online courses!) I've never been a hot beverage drinker...but ever since giving up diet coke and doing 18-24 hours fasts twice a week, this is my new go-to. 

4) A new Planner. I am a list girl. I love to write it down and CHECK IT OFF! My desire is to be more intentional in my reading, my meal planning, my letter writing, and my book writing in 2017. I'm hoping these first few days of the year I've taken to get it all down on paper will help me execute.

5) The cotton I got to fill a seagrass basket that sits in our living room.  

6) Rainbow Brush Sharpies. Because rainbow. And Sharpies. 

Do you love this time of year? What things are helping you start 2017 off with the best intentions? 


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