Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Wyatt's Star Wars Party

This post is LIGHT YEARS LATE!!
It's almost time for me to begin obsessing on Wyatt's next birthday.
Who am I kidding? Almost.
Here is the pin board I've already created on the subject....

But, I digress.
Yesterday, I had a good friend ask for some Star Wars party tips, and I realized I had yet to get around to blogging Wyatt's 3rd Birthday Party, (which was last September!) Thank you Kristen for the kick in the butt!

Here we go...There are a ton of pictures and details, so I am just going to post them all and then add the links at the very end.


Dining Room Chalkboard

The Birthday Boy!


We also had "Padawan Pizza" but I didn't get a picture of it!

Oreo Cupcakes

wool felt appliqued, Yoda & Leia tees

Family & Friends
(me and my siblings)

 Aunt Adrie, Uncle Andy and Elliott the Ewok
(Adrie made the Ewok costume. I died!)

Aunt Erin and Taylor

Pinata Time!
Light Sabers
(pool noodles cut in half and some duct tape!)

Daddy wearing the remnants of the pinata!

More Fun!

Invites and printablesAnders Ruff Designs - Maureen and Adria are my go to girls in this department! Fabulous to work with and every one of their designs is adorable!!
Darth Vader cake pan - vintage, my mom kept it from my brother's 1981 birthday! But it's for sale here on Ebay
Yoda & Leia tees and ruffled party streamers - made by me, for sale here
Oreo Cupcake recipe - seriously one of the best cupcakes ever!!
Star Wars metal lunch box and cookie cutters - Williams Sonoma
Williams Sonoma also makes the Star Wars pancake molds I featured in this post.
Most of my food/drink/dessert inspiration came from The Star Wars Cookbook and this blog post
Darth Vader pinata & Star Wars temporary tattoos - Amazon
Star Wars table confetti, place mats, straw circles - Made by Hallmark, but I found them all sold together in a big punch out book at Walmart in the party aisle.
Oversized Star Wars coloring pages - Barnes & Noble
Wyatt's FAVORITE Star Wars Themed gifts??
1. This Book from Grammie & Papa. For reals. We read it every night and I can tell you Wookie lineage if you'd like!
2. These bath toys from his friend Beck. FAB FAB FAB!! So old school authentic, and the keep him the bath long enough to actually get clean! 
3. R2-D2 Potato Head from his friend Carter. He also got the Yoda Potato Head. Considering Wyatt's other obsession is Toy Story...these presents were like the BEST of both worlds!
4. The original watercolor Ewok painting from Kate & Paul....I think the artist is on Etsy. I'm gonna have to research for you!

This party was so fun...for both me to plan, and for the birthday boy to celebrate! I hope this post and the pics help you plan a Galactic Event too! Hostess With The Mostess has some more great Star Wars Party ideas including a Jedi Robe pattern. Totally wanted to makes these, but ran out of time! I also really wanted to make a "big girl" version of these dresses for the party. But again, ran out of time. Someone...please do it! Too cute.


Amy said...

Ahhhh, I was waiting for this post.... ;-) LOVE it! Those goodie bag tees are too cute for words! Can't wait to see the vintage race car post next June! Hee hee...kidding! Vroom. Vroom.

LauraC said...

AMAZING Erin! Holy crap, that is one freaking awesome party.

Unknown said...

What a fun and adorable party! I don't know anything about Star Wars but it look like you had an amazing time!

Elizabeth said...

Great job Erin! My little guy is starting to get into Star Wars right now! What a fun party theme! Pinning :)

Allison said...

Erin I was there and had a blast but, your photos and post just reminds me how truly awesome you are.

WhitMc said...

Wow, you did a great job! I am planning my daughter's first birthday party right now and you inspired me to take the creativity up a notch for her Polka Dot theme (all centered around the most perfect party dress ever)

Jill said...

SO cool! My boy/girl twins have already decided on a Star Wars party for their birthdays in December. Great ideas.

Amy said...

Oh my! You put my SuperHero party to shame!!! Excellent job!!!

Anonymous said...

you're like the best mom ever.
jealous of you.

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

What a GREAT party!! And that baby in the ewok costume?! So flipping cute!

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