Monday, January 15, 2007

Christmas Pictures

Okay - I know it's the middle of January already - but we got a new camera for Christmas and it's taken me until now to finish uploading all the pictures and make a slide show that will post on this blog entry! Granted it took a whole afternoon, but I was excited to learn a way to post lots of pictures, with comments, without taking up lots of space on the blog. I've never professed to be that technologically savvy, but I try. We'll see if it works. Read more about what all these pictures are of here and here.
I think this year was the first that Megan really got the anticipation and excitement that is Christmas to young children. The girls were given chocolate Advent calendars from a friend, and opening a window every morning was a very big deal. The once or twice that I forgot, and we got to open TWO in the same was like Christmas had already arrived! Matt and I enjoyed playing Santa (I should clarify - I enjoyed shopping for Santa...Matt was the trooper who stayed up until 2am outside in the cold garage putting everything together on Christmas Eve!) But the wonder, excitement, and happiness that was Christmas morning made it all worth it! We hope your holidays were filled with as much love, family and fun as ours.
P.S. If you like the slide show, you can find out how to add one to your blog too, here! If I can figure it out, anyone can...Good Luck!

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Joanna said...

No way. You have totally raised the bar of blogging. Thanks for at least posting the link to learn how to do it. Here I go!

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