Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mommy We Miss You!

Just a little fun trying to pass the time when Momma is gone. Erin went to Chi town for the weekend to visit "Auntie Kate" for her Birthday.

Well Erin I hope you are having fun. Give Kate a hug and here is a Happy Birthday from the girls. We Love you and Miss you!


Joanna said...
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Joanna said...

Uh... Matt? We had an agreement, Erin and I. No one was allowed to blog when Erin was out of town. I promised her I wouldn't do anything new that she couldn't copy when she was thousands of miles away from home. And now you go and do this? Hmm, I would definitely consider "husband taking video message, uploading, and sending it via blog to vacationing wife" as something new. And that certainly breaks the rules.

How am I going to get Jeff to do that?!

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