Friday, February 09, 2007

Disney on Ice

Matt' s mom took us and Matt's sister and her daughters to see "Disney on Ice - The Incredibles!" It was really fun. The storyline was a bit corny, but the skating was actually quite entertaining. Megan was in her element...with her cousins, eating cotton candy, spinning her Cinderella light-up toy non-stop. I didn't know if the girls would be able to sit through the whole show, but they did surprisingly well. Megan and Molly loved when they got to help the Incredibles save Mickey and Minnie from "Syndrome," (the bad guy) with the toy laser wristbands they received before the show. Molly slept for about a half hour in Matt's arms - but considering it was right in the middle of naptime - I thought that was pretty good. I have to give props to my husband for going. He is the best Daddy ever. A bunch of his guy friends had gone to Catalina for the day on a boat for some golf and "man time." But Matt chose to go to Disney on Ice with his girls instead. It's times like those that make him my "Incredible!" As you can see, he got quite into the show and really enjoyed himself!

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