Monday, February 26, 2007

Puerto Vallarta

Matt and I went to Puerto Vallarta for 4 days this past weekend for Rob and Rachel Schmela's destination wedding. The girls stayed home. My brother Andy and his wife, Adrie came to our house to be with them - and I think the girls enjoyed themselves almost as much as we did! We had so much fun with our friends and the wedding was amazing! The resort was massive, beautiful, all just opened in November. We spent most of our time in the sun, at the swim up bar. I drank virgin "Miami Vice's" all weekend (pina colada & strawberry daiquiri mixed together) and we enjoyed staying out late, sleeping in and taking late afternoon naps! Including families and the wedding party - there were about 50 of us. It was great to get to know some of Rob and Rachel's friends from Denver and CSU and spend a few days together before the wedding. The wedding was on a private beach about a 45 minute boat ride out into the harbor. The boat ride over didn't really agree with my stomach, but was well worth it once we got there. The site was remote and beautiful. The Bride looked gorgeous! I loved that even though it was a small wedding on the beach - she still wore a formal dress with a train. I loved all the pick-ups in the back of her dress. The was no electricity at the beach, and the wedding was right at sunset. So after that - everything was lit by hundreds of votive candles and tiki torches. After dinner, they lit a big bonfire and we danced in the sand until midnight. The slide show is super long...but I couldn't decide which pictures to not include! Most of you know how I love to collect ideas for wedding details and I thought all the little touches this one had were fabulous. Hope you enjoy!

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