Friday, March 30, 2007

Snips, Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

BOY: noun
1. A male child.
2. A son, as in "his youngest boy."
Used to express mild astonishment or elation,
as in "Oh boy what a surprise!"

We went to the ultrasound place this afternoon - and while I am still a little hesitant because of what happened when I was pregnant with Megan - the technician said she was all but 100% sure this little one is a BOY!! She took her time and double checked from several angles before telling us the news. Matt then asked her to show him why she was so sure...which she did. And I have to say, the pictures were pretty convincing. Even more amazing was seeing his tiny little head, hands, soles of his feet and minuscule heart strongly beating away. He kicked several times and turned his head to look at us straight on. You would think that the third time around, all this would be old hat. But it was still breathtaking and awe inspiring. At 13 weeks, the little guy is only about 3 inches long from crown to rump - the size of a jumbo shrimp! - and weighs barely and ounce...and yet we could see all that detail. And the fact that Matt and I made him, and he is growing inside of me...still leaves me in disbelief. What a miracle and a blessing!


Jennifer said...

oh my gosh, congratulations Burns family! That is so exciting!! What terrific news!!!!! Love from Jen, Chad, Dylan and Camryn

Libby said...

So exciting!! Little boys are so wonderful! Congrats!

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