Friday, April 27, 2007

Pretty Princesses

Are these some of the prettiest princesses you've seen or what? (L to R - Vivian Vallely, Madison Viesca, Megan & Molly) It is a daily occurrence in the Burns household to "dress up." We have shoes, tiaras, jewelry, wigs, dresses, purses, shawls. It can be quite a process. Megan is quite fond of one particular turquoise dress that she was given by Ollie and Cecelia Crary for Christmas. So fond of it actually, that I have to bribe her to get it off in order to wash it once a week. I told her she can't wear it to school, so she brings it in the car and leaves it in her car seat. Last time she was share girl, guess what she brought to share? She's also not allowed to wear the dress to bed at night (nap time I allow!) so before we turn off the lights at night, she always gasps "Mom, WAIT! Where's my blue dress?!" Once the precious frock has been located she can go to sleep. This dress is so much the favorite, that even when she wants to wear a different dress up dress, (like in the picture) she wears the turquoise dress under the new dress up dress. It's getting frayed at the hem and pretty straggly all over...but what can I do?
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Andy said...

Hey... When I open your blog I don't get a picture of the princesses??? I have checked back the last couple of days thinking it was my cpu. Do you know why?

So I spilled the beans (kate & paul). Can't wait until Sat. to hang with your girls.

Love You


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