Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sweet Children O' Mine

I debate sharing this story...because what it says about my child rearing decisions may cause some to raise an eyebrow or two. But personally, I think it is hilarious, and I keep telling myself - "They can't really understand the words yet, right?!"
Megan and Molly have learned that some of Daddy's favorite music is Guns N' Roses. Every time he is on his way to a game - football, softball, golf, whatever - Matt blares Sweet Child O' Mine and Welcome to the Jungle in his truck to amp himself up. The other day I was driving in the car with the girls (without Matt) and we had a ways to go. So I asked them if they wanted to watch a movie or if they wanted to listen to music. After a pause for consideration, Megan very matter of factly asked me, "Well, do you have any Guns N' Roses?" When I chuckled and replied that I did not, the decision was made to watch a movie. The past few weeks we have met Matt at his softball game to watch. I got wise last week and asked him for one of his CD's before he left for the batting cages. When we got in the car to go to the game, I told the girls I had a surprise for them and began to blare Sweet Child O' Mine. They both giggled hysterically, kicked their feel incessantly, and screamed along with the music. Megan even waved her fists in the air in time with the drum beats in the intro. They absolutely loved it, and were sad when the song I played it again. While most mothers are playing Baby Einstien, Wiggles, or Raffy in the children are listening Axel Rose?! Matt has taken this affinity of theirs in stride and has now introduced them to AC DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. They sit in their car seats and rock out with joy - but still say Guns N' Roses is their favorite. I am going to try and get some video of them the next time it is on in the car just so you can see how funny they are.

Update: Went to my OB on Monday - but didn't tell him what we had heard at the ultrasound. After listening to the heartbeat, he said "If I had to make a guess, I would say that sounds like a boy!" This is from the same Dr. that said both previous heartbeats sounded like of course I am taking his guess as gold! :)

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