Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cookies Make Everything Better

A few days ago my girlfriend Teresa and I took our girls to the park with a picnic lunch. We had PB&J's, string cheese, grapes and some mini Chips A'hoy cookies. After finishing their food the girls ran off to play while Teresa and I sat under a tree and talked and watched them navigate the jungle gym. A few minutes later the following scene occurred:

2 yr old Molly, running back towards me: "Bonk head, Mommy. Head hurt."

Mommy: "Did you bonk your head? I'm sorry baby. Here - a cookie will make it feel better."

Molly, looking very confused: "Okay Mommy???"

She proceeded to take the cookie and place it on her forehead where she bonked and walked back towards the playground.

Teresa and I laughed so hard. Molly turned to look at us, still holding the cookie to her owie with a confused look upon her face.

Mommy: "Eat it!"

Molly: "Okay."

After she shoves it in her mouth - but she's not yet finished: "All better Mommy!"

It's when adorable little things like this happen, that I absolutely LOVE my life!


Libby said...

That is definitely one for the baby book!

Erin said...

OMG, I really did chuckle out loud--- that was soooo cute!

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