Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I've been Tagged!

So exciting! ....this is the first time I have been "tagged" by new blogger friends, Love and Tonya and asked to share 7 random, little known facts about here I go!

1. I don't like feet. I don't really mind my own, or Matt's or my girls'...but touching anyone else's is out of the question. Even pedicures - while relaxing - make me a little uneasy and I often just paint my own!

2. I am a closet celeb gossip junkie. I read all the new stuff on MSN Entertainment each day, scan the trashy tabloids while in line at the grocery store, and read every US magazine from cover to cover when I can get my hands on one.

3. Staying home sick from school for a week when I was in Jr. High, I got hooked on The Young and the Restless and have watched it ever since. I scheduled my classes around it in college, programed my VHS to record it everyday when I managed the restaurant...and now LOVE LOVE LOVE TiVo since it automatically records it everyday for me....and I can fast forward thru the commercials :) Now I watch it with cordless headphones on (so the house stays quiet) when the girls nap during the day or late at night when I am sewing.

4. I don't like Chocolate OR Peanut Butter!! (My mom says that's un-American) and I would pick something salty or creamy over something sweet any day! Salt and Vinegar chips...YUM! Brownies...pass. When I do eat dessert it's usually something strawberry or lemon.

5. And similar to Love, I have been pregnant, nursing or both - 40 out of the last 54 months! Ah...the pre-pregnancy body?? What is that?? The happiness my kids bring me everyday puts it all in perspective, however. I love/thrive on the chaos and being a wife and mother is what I am meant to do. It's more insanely satisfying than anything else I have done. Even tho this third one isn't even born yet - people are always asking, "Will you have more?" Which I think is a little odd. So far my answer is "Wait and See..." See Love's post on this topic. Too funny!

6. I have been to Amerika Samoa. My husband and I went to the Western island with my family on a mission trip the summer before we got married. We stayed in a small village in Pago Pago (pronounced Pango Pango) and learned the legend of the Turtle and the Shark. The people were inspirational and the scenery breath taking. Matt still likes to quote "Fa a Samoa" - meaning to do things "The Samoan Way."

7. I am TOO MUCH of a multi-tasker. And it drives my poor husband crazy. I'll start 10 different projects and leave them all about the house for weeks. Sewing, scrapbooking, cooking, BLOGGING, cleaning! More often than not, the laundry gets washed....but not folded. Or folded...but not put away. I'll vacuum three of the four rooms in the house - and leave the vacuum out hoping to get to that fourth room later in the day. At 11pm the vacuum is still out! We put the sewing machine on the floor in the dining room so we can eat dinner. I don't want to put it all the way away - because I am SURE I am going to get just a little more done that night. Eventually everything gets finished, but with my own sense of crazy random efficiency.

So there! Now it's my turn to tag 7 more....but I don't even know 7 other bloggers! Joanna, Britian, Libby, Laura you are IT!! And to my girlfriends who read this, but don't blog....time to jump on the train! (Teresa, Liz, Jennifer, Jenna! :)


Tonya said...

Erin...I tagged you too, but I see I was too late! Just saying hello again..

Beth said...

Hi Erin! I found you when you tagged Laura and I had to comment that your #7 sounds exactly like me! Drives my husband crazy! It's nice to "meet" you and I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you better!

Jennifer said...

I love reading your blog Erin! It's literally my excitement of the day to jump online to your blog! it's so wonderful!! You have the most adorable family, and your kids are so incredibly lucky to have such a great mommy!!!

britty said...

yeah, i totally relate to #7. this is a habit i am trying to break, we'll see....i'm glad to learn so many tidbits about you!

LauraC said...

Hi Erin... any friend of Libby's must be awesome. I updated my blog with 7 things about me, very fun.

Andy said...

Besides being your brother, going with you on the trip to Samoa, and you phobia of feet... (never heard that one!) I would beg to differ that these others are "little known facts" about you.

Those of you who know my sister well (you know who you are) would agree with me. Ha ha.

Hey, I couldn't help it. If your brother can't give you a hard time then who can. Love you lots!

Andy said...


When I read that you had been "tagged" my first thought was that someone had painted graffiti on your house or your car.

I guess I better catch up on my tech lingo.


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